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"One billion director and director Dapeng: real far – Beijing on Sunday, a period of silence" one billion director "program" Ma Dapeng appeared East New temptations "dinner, talk about his journey into showbiz and Ma Dongmi. Dapeng since then no man "pancake" loud volume of news, this year, and Wong Kar Wai, Feng Xiaogang, Tsui Hark, director of the cooperative let him settle down. It seems really big in the ROC, the director is from the deep respect for the work and the actors, not like some "pseudo directors" enjoy the same command others, control the feeling of the scene, which makes him aware of their shortcomings, to focus more on improving yourself. Dapeng Ma Dong for the first time was just in the second quarter, "said wonderful, then Dapeng also immersed in the" pancake "one billion man" aura ", and even said" I one billion director why presided over ", announced on the spot from the host community. But a year later, Dapeng frankly "one billion off halo", said modestly that his movie is not good enough, the director of predecessors is showing sincere attitude, praising the director who has a serious and delicate, can not be copied and their director mode, and the real director are still far away, so humble admiration for Ma Dong. (Lin Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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