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Old two cards received gift bank cards in the savings of 30 thousand stolen brush (video) disise.com

Old two credit card gift bank card savings were stolen brush brush POS machine, spending 49.99 yuan, can receive a bag of rice and a bucket of soybean oil!" In the face of such promotion, some people have to receive a free gift card for gospel truth. However, a carefully prepared scam is quietly approaching to them: a text message sounded, showing their bank cards stolen brush in different places. September 22nd, Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter learned that the investigation, the police have been involved in the control of personnel involved. Good: Seventy couples receive credit card meters oil Xindu District is located in Shenbei New Area City Court near Shitai tiger. 22, 10, reporters rushed to the cell door, was immediately surrounded by some residents. Residents Ms. Tsang told reporters about the fate of her family: her parents have a lifetime to accumulate under the approach seventy years of age, a few million savings in the bank. At the end of 8, a colleague, the mother of 20 years of neighbor Lee chuanmen, said her niece is when the promotion, as long as the brush of a bank card in the POS machine, you can receive rice and soybean oil. Hearing the news, the old couple were used to brush bank card for gospel truth, a POS machine, get a receipt, the above shows that the "card consumption of 49.99 yuan, two people received rice and soybean oil. Good: credit card to help sales commission sixty Wu also tells the story of a similar experience. In September 10th, in their own cell door, there was a table top, covered with red banners, advertisements written: a well-known brand manufacturers are doing site promotion, just use the bank card brush a POS machine, you can receive this brand of rice and soybean oil. I have a total of about 30 thousand yuan bank card, I have saved many years of pension." Wu told reporters that she felt that this activity is very favorable, two is the promotion of awareness of the woman, want to help her earn commission. So, she was on the spot card brush POS machine. "Brush card deducted 49.99 yuan, I have rice and soybean oil." She said, a credit card receipt out to reporters. Reporter observed, slip display: POS sign purchase orders, China UnionPay testing businesses, spending 49.99 yuan, September 10th 18:04. Attention to property safety alert! Chip bank card will be stolen brush cheated: multi bank card stolen brush similar encounter with ms.. A few days ago, she was also encountered in the vicinity of the same promoter, credit card brought rice and oil. "I was the first to find out and dial 110." She said that in the evening of September 21st, she suddenly received a cell phone text messages, prompting her bank card has a 6700 yuan consumption, consumption is located in Jiangxi City, Yingtan. 21, 2009, Mr. Zeng and his wife have received a text message, they have a total of two cards stolen brush $35 thousand. 21, 19, Ms. Wu received a text message, her bank card stolen brush $29 thousand and 200. Survey: promoters know? "We all rushed to the Shitai police station!" During the interview, the reporter learned that evening from 21 to 22, there were some nearby residents holding bank water alone went to the police station to be interviewed, the amount of bank cards stolen from thousands of yuan to several thousand dollars, fraudulent sites.相关的主题文章:

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