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North South bone – Sun Tianmu donated Works Exhibition opened www.haole15.com

"North South bone — Sun Tianmu donated Works Exhibition" hosted by Jilin College of The Arts, Jilin College of The Arts, Jilin College of The Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum, Kyrgyzstan media ark Museum jointly hosted the North South bone — Sun Tianmu exhibition donation in September 20th at 10 when the "Jilin College of The Arts 70 anniversary" on the occasion of the Changchun City Kyrgyzstan media ark Gallery grand opening. On the same day held the morning sun Tianmu landscape in the North academic seminar". The opening ceremony was presided over by Chen Jifeng, vice president of the school. Attended the opening ceremony of the leadership of vice chairman, Jilin province CPPCC Jilin College of The Arts old leader Ren Fengxia, Jilin Literary Federation Chairman Yin Aiqun, Jilin news publishing Radio Film and Television Bureau deputy director Zhou Gang, deputy general manager Gao Xuesong Kyrgyzstan media, Chinese Art Research Institute researcher Wang Duanting, Zhu Jingsheng Ji’nan, the best in all the land Springs Scenic party secretary Wei Qiang and experts all over the country in the field of art and Mr. Sun Tianmu ‘disciples. In the opening ceremony and all of the leaders of the Jilin College of The Arts, Jilin provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Ministry of industry, office, public cultural office, Jilin Province Artists Association, Jilin Art Museum, Changchun Municipal Cultural Bureau, the province of the art university colleagues, as well as major media friends. The school principal Guo Chunfang speech, he summed up the life of the highest artistic achievement of sun Tianmu, and Sun Tianmu of Jilin College of The Arts, "the landscape in the north, northeast and northeast of the painting" landscape painting creation contribution show great respect. Guo president of Mr. Sun Tianmu’s back, reflecting the presence of senior artists, art circles of a contemporary art masters lofty admiration and deep memory. At the same time, announced the establishment of "Sun Tianmu Art Fund" and "Sun Tianmu landscape in the North Art Research Center, dedicated to funding the first excellent in character and learning of students, the establishment of landscape in the North art research platform in universities. He believes that this will not only make the traditional northern landscape re radiate new vitality, but also better promote the school’s academic construction and cultural construction in Jilin. The sons of Sun Tianmu SHUTER speech, he recalled the father of Mr. Sun Tianmu’s life way of artistic creation, artistic achievements and artistic education achievements and focus on the art of painting China father heart dream and he himself for support and thank the Jilin College of The Arts in the north mountain water artistic renaissance. He believes that the Jilin College of The Arts will continue to pass the artists art style, let the sun and old Chinese of China art cultural tradition and self-confidence down from generation to generation, in the future to create a way to practice traditional art to continue steadily, create a better future school. State Department counselor room business history Secretary Geng Shibo delivered a speech, he recalled Mr. Sun Tianmu as the Central Research Institute of culture librarian at work and expressed his respect for Mr. Sun Tianmu and miss, he hopes to develop old Mr. Jilin College of The Arts in the academic tradition, to Mr. long will continue. A disciple of Mr. Sun Tianmu on behalf of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Professor, visiting professor of Jilin College of The Arts, Mr. ho Yan speech, he expressed to my teacher Miss and the Jilin College of The Arts sun Tianmu landscape painting in the north.相关的主题文章:

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