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Ningxia will clean up arrears of wages for migrant workers to assess the work – Ningxia Channel – Pe www.bv2008.cn

Ningxia will be carried out to check the Ningxia channel, people.com.cn Ningxia News Network on the liquidation of arrears of wages of migrant workers (reporter Yang Li) leading group of migrant workers in Ningxia Office recently issued a "clean up the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers work effectiveness assessment implementation plan", in accordance with the objectives and results oriented, positive incentive, implement the responsibility principle of the cities and counties (District) clearing arrears of wages of migrant workers work assessment. Take the daily assessment and examination at the end of the concentrated combination of examination, setting the assessment content into a key index, comprehensive index and basic index three, the rate of the labor contract, the wages of migrant workers margin collection rate, real name system management rate, bank cards, account management, rate of progress rate of 22% appropriation rate "six" 100% tasks, 17 comprehensive requirements of the people’s governments at all levels to strictly implement the guarantee payment of wages for migrant workers to work all construction projects, strict implementation of 12 basic indicators. At the same time and set breakdown, caused by the problem of arrears of wages for significant groups of malignant things (case) or individual extreme events (case) parts of the city and county (District) people’s government assessment of a veto. After the examination, will be submitted to the people’s Government of the autonomous region of the poor examination results of the city and county (District) government is mainly responsible for the interviews. (Li Yanfen, Ma: commissioning editor sweet)相关的主题文章:

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