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Ningbo has a Kung Fu grandfather 73 years younger than the body flexibility verbal jint

Ningbo has a "Kung Fu grandpa" 73 year old body than young people also flexible in Hengxi town Ningbo Yinzhou District kiln four get a clean and tidy farmhouse, a hale and hearty old easily play a word horse". What’s worse, he can do as a series of acrobatics in the jujitsu like high difficulty movement, for example, his head bent down, drill out from between the legs. One trick is rhythmical, every action is to sweat. This is yesterday afternoon at 3 pm reporter saw the scene. If the witness is hard to believe that the old man named Fan Qicheng is 73 years old. He began practicing at the age of 60, to 13 years, to be near the famous Kung Fu Master, people familiar with his grandfather called him "Kung fu". Mr. Fan looks much younger than his actual age, he said that in the past ten years, his weight has not been more than 100 pounds, did not catch a cold. Last month, he went to the examination, the result is that the indicators are normal. Fan Chengqi used to be a worker in an enterprise in Ningbo, and then he went to another company to do another job. Because the body is not good, try to exercise the body. At first, he felt that the effect is not good, thought of practicing kung fu. When asked how to learn these moves, Fan Qicheng said: "it is self-taught, nobody taught." Fan Qicheng took out a martial arts books, called "Wu:", he was almost turned rotten. He said that this book is from his friends, he treasured every day according to routine exercise book. "From the most basic steps to start practicing, practicing for four or five years, also can not be stopped." Hard work pays off, slowly, his kung fu is finally a small, after ten years of uninterrupted practice, and finally became a little famous Kung Fu grandfather". Mr. Fan told reporters that he has created ten fitness function, in addition to just acting, he has a bottom pressure stunts — "the double top refers to the Buddha sit, with two fingers, propped up the body weight of 50 kg. Then, the old gentleman and a performance of "Eagle" and to "view of food" and other fitness work moves, these moves particularly high demands on flexibility. According to reports, Mr. Fan when performing "the cross culture square and other public places stunt, there is always a lot of people watching. He was asked who he learned, he said self-study, a lot of people expressed surprise or do not believe.相关的主题文章:

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