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Ning Huanyu birthday party will throw a love letter to the fans surprise surprise Zhang Yangyang www.678rt.com

Ning Huanyu’s birthday will throw to the fans love friends Zhang Yangyang surprise appearance – Beijing Ning Huanyu interact with fans. The organizers for Beijing September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Meng) 11 days, Ning Huanyu "Huan? Tour" birthday will be held in Beijing. After 3 years, Ning Huanyu always adhere to move forward in the music stage, there are many excellent works to meet with you, even get a large number of fans. The event, he not only sang the songs, and "raindrop" are shared mentality. The birthday party is divided into "green", "growth" and "transformation" and "thanksgiving" four chapters, different stages as Ning Huanyu along the way. Ning Huanyu is not only the interpretation of the "big lie", "home", "BABY I LOVE the U" and other songs, inviting fans came to the drawing, send gifts in part of the game, playing truth or dare when it is triggered bursts of screaming fans. Zhang Yangyang surprise coming. The photograph is moved by allowing a large number of fans, Ning Huanyu prepared seven letters, to throw down the doll form. More friends Zhang Yangyang surprise appearance, and Ning Huanyu sang "heart to heart". Subsequently, the fans intimate birthday cake to celebrate Ning Huanyu’s 23 birthday. (end)相关的主题文章:

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