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Nightmare! 9 hours was called hundreds of times Qionghai man suffered new fraud liuxiaobo

Nightmare! 9 hours to be called hundreds of times the Qionghai man suffered new fraud attention, the new fraud struck! Harassing phone calls! Have telephone! Have telephone! It is still endless! Why should the liar call you dead? Want you to transfer the release of the bombing of harassing phone calls, who may have experienced: what the sale of real estate, to help you finance…… These harassing phone calls, although annoying, but generally hang up the day will not call you. It is really terrible, "call you die" – endless call your phone, your phone can not properly use; in order not to be harassed, then take out. September 18th, Mr. Xu Qionghai suffered a bad call you dead". Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Kangwen Xu kept mobile phone incoming call. 9 hours to be called hundreds of mobile phones can not be used…… September 18th morning, Qionghai Xu as usual, is busy at work business, from 9:45, he can’t work because mobile phone began to have frequent telephone calls, or ring out to hang up, either answer hung; by showing the number of calls in the past, "the number you dialed is call." There are more than and 10 incoming calls per minute for some time, some times per minute is one or two phone. Reporters from Mr. Xu calls to see the record, call number 171, 156, 170, 131, 155, 186, 130, 159 at the beginning, also does not show the number of display; the area of Hunan, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Hongkong, but the number back in the past no one can get through the. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mr. Xu’s mobile phone at least three hundred or four hundred incoming calls. Public security, telecommunications, said no way to take him did not recruit? More than 10 in the morning, after being harassed for more than an hour, Mr. Xu began to turn around for help. Mr. Xu said, he called the 110 alarm operator, after listening to the presentation, asked him to go to the police station area; he to the police station, the police heard, just call the public security department, there is no way to stop, from all over the country’s telephone number, most virtual number, also can check up. So, the police asked him to find the communications sector. Mr. Xu is using the telecommunications numbers, he found China Telecom Corp Qionghai branch. The telecommunications sector given argument is similar to the "call you die" is often controlled by software, which belongs to the virtual number, can not handle, either for all limit the number of incoming, also is shut down, or download the mobile phone software to try to intercept. Comprehensive department, a person in charge explained that this call you dead object is often uncertain, today may be harassing telecommunications users, tomorrow may be mobile or Unicom number of users. Had received a similar complaint ignore the other side of the reporter interviewed in the telecommunications sector that someone has reflected a similar situation. Not long ago, a Mr. Fu introduced the first day, harassing phone calls from the morning until late at night, almost no interruption, the phone does not show the number of incoming. To more than 1 in the morning, after more than an hour to stop bombing".相关的主题文章:

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