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Nicholas Tse Jolin sent by Yang became a special cake www.62422.cn

Nicholas Tse Jolin sent by Yang became a special cake Sina entertainment news yesterday (August 29th) is Nicholas Tse’s birthday, the birthday of Nicholas Tse is still intense recording into third season "Twelve Feng taste" is located in Beijing Sanlitun restaurant in front. Although it is a birthday, but Nicholas Tse is still devoted to the recording work, treat every detail very seriously. Twelve Feng taste, the 3 recording site exposure, Nicholas Tse is very focused. Twelve Feng flavor program group specially prepared for Nicholas Tse’s birthday surprise first exposure, Dr. Yang Shoucheng surprise appeared, Nicholas Tse was very moved, and dr.. Dr. Yang Shoucheng send birthday wishes, after Nicholas Tse moved to tears, choked said: "I have today is Mr. Yang to the." Yang Shoucheng, like a family member, said Dr. Nicholas Tse’s presence made him very moved. Nicholas Tse birthday surprise second bombs, Jolin intimate hands to make the fire guitar turned sugar cake. It is said that Jolin brought it from Taipei. Under the leadership of Jolin, the scene together to sing a happy birthday song for the singer, two guests and fans together to offer birthday wishes to the. The atmosphere is very warm. Happy birthday song, more naughty fans lead, choral songs of Nicholas Tse "passionate love because of love", the atmosphere is very warm. Nicholas shy, pretend angry, laughing: to release the knife. This amused fans, a scene of laughter. It is reported that the recording of the twelve front flavor for dessert theme, this sweet birthday atmosphere do not know if the dessert will make the day more sweet and delicious? That’s where the lucky fans know. Nicholas Tse and Jolin said that the first time the two Virgo in front of the restaurant, will not produce a different chemical reaction? Let us look forward to the twelve Feng flavor broadcast.相关的主题文章:

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