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Nearly a hundred Israeli companies to Wuhan to find a Chinese partner www.zhaokao.net

Nearly a hundred Israeli companies to Wuhan to find the Chinese partner in September 22nd, the sixteenth GoforIsrael-2016 Technology Investment Summit held in Wuhan. From more than 1000 science and technology, industry, financial sector to attend the forum. Provincial vice governor Cao Guangjing, the Israeli Ministry of science and technology chief scientist Alexander · Bligh, together for the unveiling of Israel aims to undertake high-tech projects landing in Hubei, Hubei "the valley". GoforIsrael (Israel) is one of Israel’s most influential international investment forum, founded in 2001, has successfully held the 15 session. This year, the "GoforIsrael" for the first time out of Israel came to China, the forum in the Hubei provincial government finance office support, from Jaffa – Cookman capital, Hubei daily media group, the Yangtze River Industrial Investment Fund, and the first Chinese prosperity and investment in private equity funds – controlled -Catalyst to fund jointly organized. The China Science and Technology Investment Summit Forum is also the Ninth China ·, one of the series of activities in Wuhan finance expo. Forum on the Israeli high-tech investment opportunities in the field of science and technology enterprises in Hubei, Israel, market strategy, market development opportunities, China brought Israel high-tech enterprises in Israel and the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy and other topics in-depth exchanges. Provincial vice governor Cao Guangjing, deputy director of the Ministry of national science and Technology Venture Development Center Zhang Dongfeng, AlexanderBligh, Shamir, · jair; a speech at the opening ceremony. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章:

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