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Nanning in the first three quarters of major projects completed a total investment of $46 billion 19 www.cnool.net

Major projects in Nanning before the three quarter of the total investment of 46 billion 19 million yuan in Nanning Guangxi daily news (reporter Wen Caiyun)   November 10th, reporters learned in Nanning city held a news conference, in 2016 the city’s autonomous region level and municipal level co-ordination of major projects to promote a total of 496, a total investment of 531 billion 213 million yuan, annual plans to invest 64 billion 136 million yuan, 1-9 months, a total investment of 46 billion 19 million yuan, completed 71.75% of the annual plan. It is reported that the city adhere to the big project to lead the big investment, effectively play a major project to promote investment growth engine role and the steady growth of the city, adjust the structure, promote the transformation of the supporting role. First, the implementation of the "strong industrial city" strategy, a number of major industrial projects completed or implemented faster. Such as the construction of South South electronic automobile new material processing technology renovation project, will build the Southwest’s largest aluminum material deep processing industrial park; Liu medicine Chinese herbal medicine production base project is completed and put into operation, will drive the development of bio pharmaceutical industry in Nanning. Two is to create a service economy, efforts to promote the construction of a number of major projects in the service sector. Nancheng Department Logistics Center, Nanning smart logistics center of a project such as logistics project implementation and completion, push to improve the modernization level of the city logistics. Key tourism projects in Nanning and ASEAN Expo, Nanning international cultural tourism center has started or is about to start construction, Qingxiushan scenic area to enhance the project to accelerate the implementation of the "three lakes accelerate Shanglin a village, Guangxi Zhuang and other major tourism projects are capital, boost the rapid development of tourism industry.相关的主题文章:

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