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Nanjing and then cancel the purchase of 134 copies of the proof to prove the purchase of illegal soc www.xs99.com

Nanjing canceled 134 copies of proof of purchase of property buyers to submit proof of social security violations on the end of the month following the cancellation of Nanjing two after the illegal proof of purchase last night, Nanjing City real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office under the "killer", issued a cancellation of 134 foreign buyers purchase certificate, submit all the illegal pay proof of social security caused by the bad behavior has been included in the personal credit information system. Check the illegal pay social security certificate cheat qualified buyers to buy houses must also be revoked last night, Nanjing City real estate registration center on its official website a detailed list of 134 specific list of cancelled the proof of purchase. Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that the real estate market in Nanjing city comprehensive law enforcement office purchase certificate verification team verified, Li × 134 people submitted illegal pay social security certificates to obtain proof of purchase, and pay the relevant proof of social security by the Nanjing City Social Security Center found invalid, therefore, the relevant policies of the 134 buyers the act has violated the issued proof of purchase. Nanjing City real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office said, as dealt with false material and improper means to obtain the forgery proof of purchase or bad behavior, decided on the No. 20162006429 and 134 copies of proof of purchase will be canceled, the transaction has been filed, cancel the registration; registration has been accepted, make a decision not to register. At the same time, the purchase of bad behavior has been informed of the relevant departments, credited to its personal credit system. Yangzi Evening News reporter noted that in October 27th the city of Nanjing out of the first ticket since the purchase of the two individuals who have married to conceal the fact that, single material submitted false, the two copies of the purchase proved to be canceled. The cancellation of the 134 copies of the purchase proved all due to submit proof of social security violations, and therefore are to be submitted to the field of property buyers, for their future purchase in Nanjing will also have a negative impact. Set up the strict proof of purchase inspection team each application materials will be one by one "trial" reporter learned that, for the implementation of the Nanjing municipal government regulation of real estate policy, prevention and treatment of serious false material and improper means to obtain or forgery proof of purchase of bad behavior, October 10th, Nanjing City real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office set up by the public security, civil affairs, social security and other departments related staff purchase certificate verification team for the applicant to submit proof of payment of personal income tax, social insurance (social insurance), marital status, proof of payment of the application materials for verification. Up to now, the verification team has conducted a comprehensive verification of two batches, the first batch of 2055 application materials are focused on verification, and the relevant classification list were provided to the relevant functional departments for verification. Verification of the existence of anomalies, the first time informed of the real estate transaction management. In October 27th, the first 2 copies of illegal proof of purchase has been canceled yesterday; November 11th, the second batch of 134 copies of illegal proof of purchase is canceled, in the future, every application will be strictly "trial", even have bought a house and for the transaction record, the record must also be revoked..相关的主题文章:

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