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My account   what to you (the voice of the people people’s livelihood?) – Ningxia Channel – people.com.cn who has the right to ask for personal information to the residents? How to ensure that this information is standardized? In the mobile Internet era, this is a no longer important issue — convenient access to information as to how much impetus to promote economic development and social progress, disorder can abuse information as to how much damage let us pay the price, and no one, who can be spared a recently. A friend told reporters Tucao: During the National Day holiday, she intends to activate a hand "Jingdong e card" online shopping. Can be in the payment link, Jingdong mall requires her to perform a real name authentication – binding phone number, provide name, ID number and bank account number. She felt that the request was unreasonable. According to the provisions of the central bank, the amount of less than 1000 yuan of prepaid cards, can be used by the bearer, what are the right to ask me to provide the name and identity card number? And what to bind the phone? I used to buy a prepaid card, there is no loan or mortgage, with my bank account has half a dime? If consumers have no bank account, is the Jingdong has received the money prepaid card would be a waste? Jingdong to sell prepaid cards, did not say to bind so much personal information to use ah!" Communicate again and again, the Jingdong mall customer service staff has repeatedly stressed: the real name authentication is to protect the safety of client assets, not to enter the relevant information of prepaid card can not be used. In the case of a prepaid card can not be used as a threat, forcing consumers to obtain personal information, where this is to protect the safety of customer assets, it makes people feel more insecure! Right now, many Internet providers are expanding financial services. Collect customer information becomes the first step to snatch the market. However, want to let consumers of green eyes, willing to deliver information and accept the commercial promotion, businesses must have the sincerity of the products and services to. Extortion of information to consumers, it is naked overlord terms. Not only some of the electricity supplier is not going straight for a long period of time, the mobile Internet APP forcibly collect user location, identity card number, bank card and phone book, call and chat records and other information is also criticized by the people. The first quarter of this year, the Ministry of industry, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for detection technology in the 43 mobile phone application store APP software, 29 software is the use of illegal collection of personal information, malicious chargeback, forced bundling promotion of other unrelated applications and other issues were found. Personal information was leaked, resulting in the sale of telecommunications fraud cases again and again three, made the whole society worried: who has the right to ask for personal information to us? How to ensure that this information is standardized? In the mobile Internet era, this is a no longer important issue — affects the relationship between personal interests and social order, in the moment is to "Internet plus" as the link and carrier of the new economy, new formats, new service is of vital importance of the key. Access to information in order to facilitate the promotion of economic development, social progress, abuse of information disorder, can be how much of the destruction of our pay, and no相关的主题文章:

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