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Mrs. Yan Ni long live strong woman fan interpretation of Feminism imjpmig

"Mrs. Yan Ni" long live strong woman fan interpretation of feminism Sina entertainment news recently, Yan Ni dressed in a white suit of gas debut drama "long live the wife" conference. In this department in September 8th in Tianjin, Anhui and two prime time TV drama, Yan Niang leader with wags, at the same time in the comprehensive interpretation of feminism, but also fully demonstrated their emotional outlook. The attack led by Mrs. gas group in the "long live" Mrs., for a long time not to do "Mrs." Yan Ni once again return to the identity, it is full of air attack, the family business Liang Shouying bestie idol while strong. Although many before played a similar role, but Yan Ni said that this is still a fresh thing for her, because every wife have feelings in different circumstances, each have different feelings of belonging: "two of you get along for a long time, maybe one day, each other is no longer the people who are familiar with the change, and even do not know each other, this time can not return to the past, to do his" wife ", is a very mysterious thing." Emotional view of feminism with the social development and progress, there’s the word more and more in people’s lives, at the same time, to discuss the status of women is increasingly fierce, Yan Ni in the "long live" in the interpretation of Mrs. Ye Shuxin, it is the topic of the practitioner, she to the pursuit of the cause of the heart a part of the family, at the expense of the interests of. Why do such a role, Yan Ni also has its own considerations: "I think feminism is not conceited, but know what you want. Everyone is an independent individual, even if you love a person, it is impossible for him to lose their own, only you love yourself enough to have the ability to love others." In the feminist issue growing and sensitive moment, Yan Ni through the interpretation of this role on Shuxin, exhibited by feminist what will ferment out what effect, how to bring the discussion and the game will be very exciting part. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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