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Men’s online group to rob the rich premeditated 8 failed to catch www.yn111.net

Men’s online group to rob rich 8 times did not succeed premeditated caught (original title: Man online team in Zhengzhou Regal 8 times did not succeed premeditated robbery suspects arrested by the police) online premeditated river network news (reporter Song Xiangle) with imitation guns, wide tape, black hat and gloves and other tools of crime, several foreign man on the Internet the temporary team in Zhengzhou Regal grab premeditated. And the movie is different, although the Gang made elaborate preparations but the reality does not meet their "wish", November 15th, the river network reporter from the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau nine Road Bureau was informed that the police in the investigation of the dispute of gang members and Zhengzhou a residential security accident, found the suspect the plot. Ordinary disputes are strange police interrogation reveal flaws 23:16 on November 10, 2016, Bureau Command Center in Dongfeng Road and street intersection number, Greentown Lily District Night Watch security with 3 men dispute. Nine, such as Road police station Qin Zhen, Zhang Qiang received a police intelligence instructions quickly arrived at the scene. In the inquiry process, the police found 3 men are foreign accent, and God shaped tension, incoherent, unclear so late came to explain the reason of Zheng Dong New District reasonable. Police immediately understand the vigil to the security of the 3 men left, want to wait for the police station to deal with the intention of. On the alert in alarming police, interrogation process, 2 men suddenly broke away, Qin Zhen and night watch security on the spot is questioned for the control of man, and the police Zhang and another night security immediately to catch the other 2 men to escape, in about 1 kilometers away from the scene the canal bridge, police and other security in a night vigil security interception, successfully controlled a fleeing man, another man. The online team Yuzuo major strict precautions no place to start the 2 men had escaped from the police move, more alert, 2 men will then control the tape to the police station for further questioning. The 2 men were brought to the police station, directly provide their real identity, one is the Guangxi autonomous region of Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County of the "Yang", 21 years old; another is the new County of Hunan Province, the 28 year old "pine forest". Because the 2 men did not carry any suspicious objects, tools, no more cases occurred near the scene. The 2 men to the police station to noisy, asked to leave the police station immediately, and claims to have the power to refuse to answer, then do not want to answer any questions raised by the police, has been 3 hours does not answer, a deadlock. After a police investigation, the suspect "Yang" confessed it with 2 men named "life without regret" and "imprisoned" a total of 3 people temporary team robbery facts. First of all, from the QQ group chat Zheng Dong learned that the New District of Greentown Lily area near the villa area, there are luxury cars, such as the rich 3. 3 people do not know each other in each other under the premise of the temporary team, since the beginning of November 1, 2016 to 7, 3 suspects has purchased the simulation gun, wide tape, black hat, gloves and other tools of crime, every day at noon to 14 PM to the next Peng相关的主题文章:

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