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Menopausal women beware of depression knock on the door – Shaanxi Channel – People’s network www.97se.com

Menopausal women beware of depression — knock on the Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: menopausal women beware of depression knock on menopausal women physiological and psychological changes in the largest stage, often referred to as "an eventful year". In this special period, it is particularly important for women to learn how to take care of themselves. Into menopause will appear a series of hidden symptoms. Only in time to find their own physical changes, it is convenient to take countermeasures. 1, menstrual disorders. Menopause can appear menstrual interval becomes longer, irregular, with no sudden menopause menstrual disorder performance. 2, hot flashes. Cheeks flushed in the afternoon, chest, neck, face often feel hot, accompanied by sweating. 3, night sweats, insomnia, palpitation. Suddenly feel the heart beat faster, and can not find the reason. 4, drying phenomenon. The skin becomes sensitive, dry, wrinkles, hair white, dry, produces symptoms such as mouth parched and tongue scorched. Menopause Depression is a high incidence of disease in menopause, this disease is very common, and in the event of a disease often occurs in physical or mental phenomenon, so, this time, occurrence of climacteric depression, is very much about the health risks of people, if not active treatment, the consequences will be be unbearable to contemplate. So women are more likely to suffer from depression. Due to the influence of estrogen, women are susceptible to stress and promote the formation of depression, and the duration of a long time. In addition, their physiological responses to light so much better than men, melatonin secretion increased significantly, therefore, probability of female depression in the winter night long absence will be increased. Again in the women than men is obviously low serotonin levels, increased the risk of depression, serotonin level is often associated with social status, and social status and related factors of depression. In modern society, human progress is rapid, but at the same time, the greater the competitive and psychological pressure. More women with depression with anxiety symptoms, psychomotor agitation etc.. Female depression often associated with menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, constipation, become a symbol of depression improved normal menstruation. There is a lot of scope of climacteric depression, for example, menstruating women, postpartum women, even menopausal women, is a high-risk group of depressive disorders, so, in the usual life, for Menopause Depression, aggressive treatment, and it is necessary to make preventive measures. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章:

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