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Made the location of Nanchang and the development of Ganzhou Lu Xinshe christie stevens

Luxinshe of Nanchang and Ganzhou development has made this position of these two days, around the provincial Party Congress report, the delegation had a heated discussion. Luxinshe came to Nanchang and Ganzhou delegation, and delegates warmly interaction, he combined with the new strategic deployment of the new provincial Party Congress report, to make such a position on the development of Nanchang city and Ganzhou city. In Nanchang City, Luxinshe gave considerable expectations, he said, the capital of the province’s Xing Xing, the capital of the province’s strong strong. General requirements, requirements of Nanchang City: to play as the first mission, to further promote the reform and innovation, accelerate the stronger capital city, efforts in the final completed a comprehensive well-off society, the construction of a new journey of rich beautiful happiness in Jiangxi in the forefront, to set an example. See, "the first mission", "go ahead", "leadership" is to do in Nanchang province "the boss", as the development of the province’s "locomotive".   around this goal, Luxinshe Nanchang to put forward five requirements. First, adhere to the high position, play a leading role in the integration of major national strategy. The two is to straighten the backbone of the economy, play a central role in the construction of the first development strategic highland. Three is to deepen reform and innovation, accelerate the development of the momentum to play a leading role in the transformation. Four is to deepen reform and innovation, accelerate the development of the momentum to play a leading role in the transformation. Five is a comprehensive strictly, play an exemplary role in political ecology construction delicate gas is in. These requirements, each of which is rich in content, close to the reality of Nanchang. For example: Nanchang should play a leading role, the center of Nanchang city and the surrounding counties and cities develop organically, Chang Jiu, Chang Fu integration coordination coordination, promoting Nanchang to speed up the construction of metropolitan area.   to strengthen regional cooperation, to build Nanchang into the "The Belt and Road" important strategic fulcrum and the rise of central China, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River city group core city. To participate in the new area to support the construction of Ganjiang River, major projects, and vigorously promote the integration of city and accelerate to build the core growth area, driven by the development of Chang nine, promote the development of the province. We should vigorously promote the "wisdom of Nanchang construction, effectively prevent and respond to congestion, waterlogging and other" urban diseases ", the construction of modern city livable industry. In Ganzhou City, Luxinshe always miss in my arms, attention in the heart. He said three meanings, one is the cradle of the people’s Republic of Ganzhou, for the Chinese revolution made a great sacrifice and important contribution. Let the old people to live a good life is our bounden political duty. Two is the largest in Ganzhou, the largest population, the largest body mass, Ganzhou’s development is related to the overall development of the province. Three is affected by a variety of factors in Ganzhou, compared with other parts of the province is still relatively thin, the task of a comprehensive well-off well-off. Luxinshe said lovingly, without Ganzhou’s comprehensive well-off, there is no comprehensive well-off province. He asked Ganzhou to deepen reform and opening up, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, play special advantage, accelerate the revitalization of the development in the new period of the first work, to ensure that a comprehensive well-off society and the national synchronized, make greater contribution to the construction of the rich beautiful happiness in Jiangxi. .相关的主题文章:

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