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Luohe woman, easy to pull the package to see the news report after the initiative to return (video) www.av7788.com

After the news of the incident, the woman in Luohe,, moved back to [Abstract] in a shopping mall in Luohe, a middle-aged woman under the cover of a girl under the cover of the other people’s handbag. After this report, caused widespread public concern, "hold" the final decision will be returned to the owner of the female package. September 27th Dahe reports page previously reported: Women’s use of children as cover "smoothly pull" citizens have condemned the – chief reporter Liu Guangchao intern Kang Fei, "core tip was looking for the media coverage of this issue, is to give vent to their anger, exposed human behavior along the package. Unexpectedly after Dahe reported after the handbag unexpectedly so quickly recovered, too surprising." Yesterday afternoon, holding the lost handbag, check the goods a lot, Luohe citizens Ms. Li repeatedly told reporters. Yesterday (September 27th) the A07 version of the "children" as a cover, middle-aged woman easily led package "reported that, in the city of Luohe in a shopping mall, a middle-aged woman to take away someone else’s handbag in a six or seven year old girl under the cover, she did not expect" Shun "process all monitored and recorded. After the publication of the article, caused widespread public concern, "hold" female after seeing the pressure Alexander, finally decided to give the bag to reporters through an intermediary, and then transferred to the owner by the reporter lee. Event to see news reports, Shun package who sent back to the handbag, this news is really too much fire in Luohe, or the impact of Dahe newspaper." At noon yesterday, many of Luohe’s media circle counterparts to reporters call. The reporter learned that, "the child as a cover, middle-aged woman" easily led package "after the publication, people.com.cn, CNR network, Guangming, QingWang, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Sina and other dozens of websites have reproduced, comments. In addition to sites around the country forward, Dahe reporter observed, the article also caused a lot of WeChat forward Luohe local public number, website, forum, Post Bar and other media, and social networks in Luohe is widely spread. In addition to a lot of friends in the comments on the "package" women’s anger, but also around the child to steal the impact of the child’s physical and mental health and other topics, intense discussion. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter suddenly received a phone call. "See reports," Shun package "the middle-aged woman Xiao Min (a pseudonym) has always been the torment of conscience, you feel shy to contact you, want to pass me in the middle of her bag to voluntarily return to the owner." The name of the middleman’s words so that reporters surprise and surprise. The accident is only half a day before the publication of the works, the surprise is finally back her handbag. "After walking the handbag, I have been regretting. After the incident was reported by the media, I really did not feel alive." Among the people quoted Xiao Min as saying. According to reports, since September 25th, "Dian package" for two days, Mandy has not closed the mobile phone bag, a few times on the phone and put out her hand to retract his hand, heart has been struggling, condemned and suffering of conscience and morality. The package will be returned to the owner, her whole body feel very relaxed, never had that sense of relaxation." Who wants to borrow Xiaomin words in the newspaper to remind of.相关的主题文章:

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