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Lu Yi Zhao Liying Spy Drama rouge Zhou Haoyu the outcome Mena, who can be with Zhou Haoyu – Heilongj shuyue

Lu Yi Zhao Liying Spy Drama "rouge" Zhou Haoyu: the outcome? Mena, who can be with Zhou Haoyu? Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn original title: "rouge" Zhou Haoyu outcome and rouge together Lu Yi Zhao Liying play spy war drama aspect foot "rouge" on Zhao Liying and Lu Yi, the group of CP users caused by curiosity, played by Lu Yi Zhou Haoyu is the agent with multiple identities, at the moment of danger in what is "rouge" ending of Zhou Haoyu, and rouge together? Zhou Yuhao Rouge "rouge" who love in this drama of love, suspense and fusion agents such as multiple pop elements, so the attention of the audience is also very much, this drama is very tortuous, the friendship and love are subject to a severe test. The hero of Zhou Yuhao’s feelings also experienced some twists and turns, many people are curious about the "rouge" in Zhou Yuhao love who, in the love triangle end his feelings has also been a lot of expectations, then the "rouge" in Zhou Yuhao love who? In the TV series Zhou Yuhao is a multi identity of the agent, his long mixed in the Kuomintang, watching Japanese spy’s whereabouts, but he also often walk in the black and white border, identity in China, juntong and Japanese agents are constantly changing, in order to underground work, sometimes also to his feelings some restrictions. (Li Zhongshuang, commissioning editor Ding Yang) original title: "rouge" Zhou Haoyu outcome and rouge together Lu Yi Zhao Liying spy aspect foot in the play he and rouge belongs to the beginning both quarrelsome lovers, not very love each other, and rouge friend Feng Manna to him also has different feelings in between, Feng Manna Rouge and he seemed to have feelings, so "rouge" in Zhou Yuhao love who? In fact, the answer is obviously, he love people or rouge, or it can be said that he only love a person from A to Z rouge rouge, when difficulties and confusion as he led her to go step by step to the Communist Organization, and he had been protected in the last rouge, rouge when in crisis even at the expense of the body, so that he love people blush. As for Feng Manna, because she is the daughter of a traitor, so Zhou Yuhao began to close to her was planned, but he never expressed her true love, but there is no correct von Mena for their misunderstanding. In "rouge" in Zhou Yuhao is a very important figure on the surface, he is a man with a glib tongue lead a fast, but in fact he is an experienced member of the Communist Party in early joined the Communist Party’s work, and has been responsible for monitoring the Japanese spies. He is a man of principle of doing things is very exquisite, has its own set of methods when things, but his life in the face of rouge after began to change, many people are very curious about Zhou Yuhao in the end is how, whether he and the beloved people together? (Li Zhongshuang, commissioning editor Ding Yang) original title: "rouge" week ending as Xavier)相关的主题文章:

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