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Love for the love of Ye Zuxin wanwansui for wisdom splint male – Entertainment Sohu iptd-651

"Love" for the love of Ye Zuxin wanwansui for wisdom "splint male" – Entertainment Sohu Ye Zuxin interpretation of small man leaves Zuxin screen interpretation of wisdom "splint male" Sohu, Liu Tao entertainment news by Huang Jue, Ye Zuxin, Kaili Zhang, Han Tongsheng, who starred in the city emotional drama "love forever", is Zhejiang TV hit. Ye Zuxin plays Jin Bo play subvert the traditional image of the "mass splint male" hexini label image, with wisdom, strong against the mother, for their happiness and small daughter-in-law the lovely image of the audience by praise. The wife and the mother of a battle of wits, let Jin Bo mixed in them in a dilemma, the family war is often triggered at any moment. Spoiled wife and mother of two people. The rigorous, the rest of the time to buy food to cook noisy, noisy, even two people can find a job on a war law. As a "sandwich" of Jin Bo not only to accept the mother scolded, but also bear the wife complained, in order to quell the family conflicts, deal with various disputes and shows the status quo and life constantly on the run, 90 men’s life concept, so tortuous and troublesome experience also let friends shouted when bad men. Of course, the Ye Zuxin’s small screen man, not a weak character, only know the concession as a doormat, 90 big boys Jin Bo, in fact, distinct personality, independent thought. However, because of his strong sense of responsibility, and dedication of love, let him be defeated, in between the wife and mother keep on fighting, with his wit and humor to defuse various trivial family life in trouble, get rid of the shackles of the little man, soaring in the cause, but also led to more wonderful story. It is worth mentioning that the play is full of tears, bursting point, one after another, compact strong sense of story so many friends joke said watching this drama to have a strong heart, "a cry in the episode in a complete mess, and the tears come out." The play, Ye Zuxin’s acting skills will also explain the role of Jin Bo this just right, many emotions are expressed in place. Want to see Ye Zuxin and Pan Chen in love in the strategies of how to outsmart the happiness of life? Want to see how Kaili Zhang 90 after the young couple living in trouble? Focus on Zhejiang satellite TV every night 19:30, soon moves!   相关的主题文章:

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