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[lottery 365] flying smoke are arranged in three phase 16236th forecast double Danma 3 7- Sohu clazziquai

[lottery 365] flying smoke are arranged in three phase 16236th forecast: double Danma 3 7- Sohu China arrangement three sports lottery lottery results 2016235th period: 450, small size, even parity combination, and a value of 9. The sales of 12934676 yuan, in the direct election of 2979, the group selected 4823 note. 2016236 lottery arranged three prediction: the period of review in 0 Danma six code compound of parity: the last out of two even parity number combination even one odd, even dominant. This period continue to pay attention to two odd even number combination, attention even Kiki, prevent odd odd. Size: all large number combination on the issue of small size, large numbers of dominant. This issue is concerned about a small number of two combinations, attention to small, large size. And value analysis: the period and the value of 9, according to the latest trend and value, and the tail value 457. Danma: 37 location: 100 02379 ten 23578 34567 seven 2345678 double compound analysis: Code six code compound 234567 five code compound 23457 reference flying smoke, rational analysis. The above analysis is for reference only (source: lottery 365)相关的主题文章:

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