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Liu Zhen former vice president China said yuho overwhelming difficulties win7codecs

Liu Zhen former vice president Chinese said overwhelming difficulties yuho with less than two months, Uber Chinese senior vice president Liu Zhen leave "to see the plane just Travis face gaunt, told me, we are BUILDER, he is a member of the board of directors. When I told him that he is not just a director, I like no, that is not equal in the process as a outside counsel." The | Zhang Qiuying in September 30th, Chinese yuho senior vice president Liu Zhen in the circle of friends published an article entitled "to all my cares and concerns of my people" content, suggested that she left Uber Chinese news. Uber this is the official response to the company’s internal colleague Liu Zhen Zhen and confirm the letter, Liu has retired, leaving the Uber Chinese. Liu Zhen was born in Beijing, graduated from the Renmin University of China of the legal profession, to the United States of California Berkeley university. After finishing his studies, he worked for a law firm in Silicon Valley for ten years. She faces the customer, are Silicon Valley high-tech enterprises, mainly responsible for financing, mergers and acquisitions, listing, joint ventures and other services. In 2010, Uber was first established, Liu Zhen became acquainted with the founder of Uber Travis Kalanick. The invitation of Liu Zhen joined Uber in April 2015 as the Uber Chinese strategic responsible person, mainly responsible for the Uber China market localization strategy. When the network about car has not been legalized, and pieces have been Chinese occupied most of the market share, it is difficult to both sides. Facing the challenge of localization, and step China with competitors on the seesaw type drops financing and burn wars for market. After an "China entrepreneur" interview, when asked what is the biggest challenge in Uber, Liu Zhen said, "I was holding the mentality to accept the challenge, have not yet encountered challenges beyond my expectations. The first one or two months, the maximum impact force. Compared with the original life, I felt overwhelming difficulties." But with the difficulty is full of passion. In November last year, Liu Zhen had passionately said in a forum, "China yuho fight is speed, enthusiasm, rapid execution, as in F1’s car on the road is now filled with oil, 2016 to full speed ahead." This passion has been burning until August of this year. A month ago in August 2nd, drip trip announced the acquisition of Uber China’s brand, business, data and other assets. For the merger, not only the outside world by surprise, Liu Zhenji Uber internal staff also surprised. Since more than a month after the merger, Liu Zhen has little voice from the hair circle of friends of the content, some time ago also went to the mountain travel. In mid September, "people" magazine wrote a long report, "after the merger" (Uber China) some employees did not come to work. People in the office, talk to each other. It is inevitable that some people cry, "a new manager yesterday, but even in the same cry with everyone相关的主题文章:

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