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Lishui Industrial Park PPP project approved by the state jiuyaogan

Lishui industrial town of PPP project by the national accreditation jointly issued recently in the Ministry of finance, Ministry of education, Ministry of science and technology and other 20 ministries jointly announced the third batch of "on the government and social capital cooperation demonstration projects to accelerate the construction of demonstration project of the notice", the Chinese happiness Foundation of Limited by Share Ltd and the Lishui District, a total investment of 10 billion yuan Lishui Industrial Park project was selected. In order to further promote the work of the government and social capital cooperation has made substantial progress, play a leading role in the demonstration project, to mobilize social capital to participate in the initiative, in early June of this year, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries launched the declaration of the third batch of PPP demonstration project, in September completed the third batch of pilot projects to evaluate the work, and in October 13th released a list the third batch of pilot projects. The success of the Lishui industrial town project selected, marking the happiness of China and the local government to build a sustainable development of the PPP market mechanism industrial town, once again get a high degree of recognition." China happiness relevant responsible person said. Previously, Huaxia happiness and Guan County of Hebei province government to jointly explore the mode of PPP, as a typical creative experience, the general office of the State Council was informed of praise, and as new urbanization projects only, in the national development and Reform Commission PPP demonstration project. It is understood that the selection of the third batch of PPP demonstration project of Lishui industrial town project, is expected to total investment of 10 billion yuan, a total area of about 10 square kilometers of cooperation. After the formal implementation of the project, China is responsible for the comprehensive development and construction of the region responsible for cooperation and operation, including land consolidation, infrastructure construction, public facilities, industrial investment and park operations management. The development zone is strictly industrial project orientation, investment intensity, output quality and other indicators, to promote the industrial development of performance evaluation of the introduction of a number of Chinese happiness in line with the state to encourage direction, conforms to the Lishui actual development of strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries and modern service industry cooperation project, ensure project construction and development of Lishui district "13th Five-Year" highly fit and for the project to create a national PPP demonstration project, and through joint efforts, will build "regional cooperation in economic development, social harmony and people’s happiness" production city fusion demonstration zone. Since the signing of the work to promote effective, significant results. Metro Industry Innovation Center in September has been put into use in September 1 to negotiate and contract high-end industrial projects 23, which has signed 9 projects, a total investment of about 3 billion 100 million yuan. The planning and construction of the month Heron Lake Park, planning exhibition hall has been started before the end of the year, business occupancy rate is expected to reach 80%. At the same time, branch center building two talent apartment has been completed before the end of the map, a building under construction." China happiness Lishui regional investment services director Jiang waves said that in the future, Lishui Industrial Park project will be the same as the new town of Hebei and Guan, the benchmark for the PPP project. In the industry view, comprehensive PPP mode in Lishui Metro as the representative of the industry has become a useful exploration in the new urbanization process Chinese economic transformation and sustainable development, the release of more comprehensive demonstration value. Correspondent Wang Lu相关的主题文章:

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