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Li Xiaoshan an artist’s epic mmc.exe

Li Xiaoshan: a painter Yang Ermin’s epic "spring" 2016 96.5x60cm paper colors Yang Ermin "Juma" 2016 68x68cm paper colors Yang Ermin May "Kroraina" paper colors 145x367cm 2016 Author: Li Xiaoshan, he and Yang Ermin although I know the time has been a long time, but really together, then the opportunity not much. In my intuitive sense, Yang Ermin is not a high-profile person. Compared with many love do all Kung Fu artist, he would prefer to keep their own painting in painting in the studio. I have always been more rebellious, when most people are too little and modest, self effacing, I have on those who dare to self affirmation, and even self expansion people send out applause; and in everyone posing as masters and Dean, I self deprecating low-key people cherish. The former is cheering, because when someone in the dark silence Kazuma Qi of the pioneers, embodies a kind of courage and boldness; cherish the goodwill of the latter, because now rely on self promotion to do boast more atmosphere, they do the purpose is to collect some of the benefits. There is no relationship with art. Yang Ermin debut has been for some years, it can make a greater movement — and he has the ability and strength. He said to me that he is unwilling to do so, lest they fall and those who are themselves who spurned the same situation. I understand that a good man is hard to summon wind and call for rain in our time, so for an entire ecosystem, has the very person. Another feature of Yang Ermin is tough. Rather than Yang Ermin’s tenacity and his character, rather than his ideal. Over the years, I have this feeling, the circle of friends together, almost no one to discuss art. Remember Han Shaogong once joked, the literary circle of peers together, never talk about literature, or talk about sports or gossip, or funny acting and saying of a player. Yes, artists and writers of our time have dared not to despise professional topics. This is precisely the problem, there is no enthusiasm, where the fear of literature and art, there is no fear, why have the ambition to climb the peak? The passion for literature and art comes from the consistent ideal. The ideal is the life-long banner of writers and artists. Yang Ermin firmly embraced his ideals – his ideal is: to the era of Chinese painting to a new height. Height is not illusory, this point, Yang Ermin very sober. He repeatedly stressed that a contemporary Chinese painter needs vision, need to learn, need knowledge. As far as his experience is concerned, it confirms his own requirements for the basic qualities of contemporary Chinese painters. Yang Ermin for many years in Japan, and the works all over the world and keep walking, and the painting of the blood contact. Therefore, through his creation practice to think deeply about the future China painting, both for oneself opens up an effective way, but also successfully set up a demonstration of the significance of benchmarking: in any evaluation, an era must have an era of traditional painting, is the glorious past today’s brilliant today is to rely on April相关的主题文章:

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