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Li Xiangqun the Imperial Palace exhibition Forbidden City in China is only an academic appointment t www.04jjj.com

Li Xiangqun at the the Imperial Palace "the Forbidden City in the city" only academic appointment to visit Beijing – sculpture artist Li Xiangqun’s solo exhibition at the the Imperial Palace museum before the opening of the Jianfu Palace garden. The city, like Li Xiangqun art exhibition by the Chinese Art Museum deputy curator of the planning of the exhibition, the exhibition of the "Forbidden City", "Walker" and other masterpieces, as well as the "four" series of the latest works of the. It is reported that the exhibition will last until November 26th (because of academic research exhibition, and only limited to the relevant researchers to make an appointment to visit). In the the Imperial Palace after the end of the exhibition, the exhibition will also be in Shanghai, Germany and other places tour. As one of the leading figures in Chinese contemporary sculpture, Li Xiangqun will be the "new humanism" concept into the creation, the representative works of portrait "Red Star over Chinese", "sun Mao Zedong" etc.. Graduated from the Department of sculpture, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Li Xiangqun, has taught at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts, vice president of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, dean. In recent years, Li Xiangqun China interested in the history and culture of the increasingly strong, he tried again on the ancient statues of iconic buildings and cultural figures from their own perspective in the creation, let them back into the contemporary life scene, the formation of ancient and modern people, and my multiple interaction. Looking back on his first trip to the Imperial Palace, Li Xiangqun remembered that it was when he was a junior: "it was a mysterious thing, and suddenly felt in it." "The Forbidden City" one of the highlights of this exhibition, more than and 200 square meters of the giant sculpture "Forbidden City" on display in the front courtyard jianfu. It works with a panoramic view of the Forbidden City copper casting, divided into 25 relatively independent unit. In addition to this temple is complete, the other buildings are separated from the middle, some do not reveal the internal structure of the cap. In the Imperial Palace, set off under the red and yellow tiles, pine, cypress, you can in the works through the appreciation of this "Forbidden City in the city, feel China contemporary art and classical architectural culture" dialogue". Li Xiangqun: I think it’s interesting to show the Forbidden City in the the Imperial Palace, which is now in the forbidden city. This piece of work, the performance of my understanding of the long river of Chinese culture in the "Forbidden City" symbol, cultural space. It appeared in the the Imperial Palace, appeared in the Jianfu palace garden of the legendary building outdoor space in contemporary art and the the Imperial Palace gardens between multiple meanings sculpture and the Imperial Palace art collection will constitute the inheritance, control, dialogue, I believe we will bring more experience. "Four yuan" the series is also on display for the first time Li Xiangqun’s new "four yuan" series, this group of works by Li Xiangqun also donated to the Museum of the Imperial Palace. "Four yuan" is called the four representative artists Huang Gongwang, Wang Meng, Ni Zan, Wu Zhen Yuan Dynasty landscape painting. Interestingly, the the Imperial Palace Museum collection is also the four painters of the classic, this group of sculptures and the Imperial Palace together constitute the combined space-time hierarchy. The statue of Li Xiangqun, the face is more vague, implicit but相关的主题文章:

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