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Li Keqiang published a signed article in the Kazakhstan media disise.com

Li Keqiang published a signed article original title in Kazakhstan media: Li Keqiang in the Kazakhstan media published a signed article local time on November 3, 2016, an official visit to Kazakhstan and held the third regular meeting of prime ministers on the eve of invited to Kazakhstan, Li Keqiang premier of the State Council on the "Kazakhstan Pravda" published an article entitled "promoting friendly cooperation to a new level of" Kazakhstan signed article. The article is as follows: to promote friendly cooperation to a new level, Premier Li Keqiang in People’s Republic of China two years ago, I visited Kazakhstan for the first time here, magnificent scenery, rich resources, the hospitality of the people, gave me a deep impression. Two years later, I will once again set foot on this beautiful land, an official visit to your country and to attend the third regular meeting of prime minister Kazakhstan, full of expectations. The region is connected, the humanities are interlinked, since ancient times, the people of the two countries along the ancient Silk Road often come often, forged a deep friendship. Over the past 24 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have maintained stable and healthy development. Kazakhstan friendly timeless, showing great vitality and vigor. Political mutual trust is the cornerstone of China Kazakhstan friendly relations. The two countries have maintained close high-level exchanges and firmly support each other on the core interests of each other, and regard each other as a sincere and friendly and trustworthy partner. As in the past Chinese will firmly supports Kazakhstan to safeguard national sovereignty, maintain social stability and promote economic development, is willing to work with Kazakhstan to continue to maintain close communication on regional and international affairs in the United Nations, the SCO, AsiaInfo within the multilateral framework of coordination, safeguard the common interests of the two countries and developing countries. Economic and trade cooperation is the driving force of China Kazakhstan friendly relations. Kazakhstan is the second largest trade partner, Chinese main direct investment destination in Eurasia, China Kazakhstan is the second largest trading partner and an important export market. There is a great potential for economic and trade cooperation, the two countries should further promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, strengthening the cooperation of customs, inspection and quarantine, certification and other fields, and actively develop cross-border e-commerce, optimize trade structure, promote bilateral trade to stabilize. Capacity cooperation is a major bright spot and important growth point in China Kazakhstan cooperation. The two governments, enterprises and financial institutions under the joint efforts of both sides signed a cooperation between the government and the capacity investment framework agreement, establish a working mechanism between departments, set up production cooperation fund, is also exploring the one-stop production cooperation pattern covers investment, production, sales and service. China is ready to work with Kazakhstan, the spirit of openness, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win principle, implement the Silk Road Economic Belt construction and "bright road" new economic policy docking cooperation plan, to jointly promote the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor, Chinese – Central Asia – West Economic Corridor construction, with tangible outcomes the benefit of the two peoples. Cultural exchange is the link between China and kazakhstan. In recent years, cultural exchanges between the two countries have become increasingly close, tourism, education, science and technology, culture, health, sports, youth and other areas of exchanges and cooperation continue to expand. China Kazakh singer Tasker by the Kazakhstan people’s favorite, every singing contest has a large number of fans on the Internet for cheer. Kazakh Folk "and Maria" also doudard.相关的主题文章:

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