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Li Chang formula fixing conference interpretation of the definition of true love – Happy entertainme face gossip

"Li Chang" formula fixing conference interpretation of the definition of true love – Entertainment Sohu "diffuse tear man" Li Chang became popular site of concern Sohu entertainment news yesterday annual drama "happy happiness, warmth and formula" held up a press conference in Jiangsu, starring Ah Lei Gua, Huang Jue and Li Chang noted the number of appearances. Fans are known as man, man Li Chang wearing a casual white shirt, tall and straight, outstanding temperament. "Diffuse tear man" Li Chang became popular concern for live TV series "and turn the emperor back to the modern" and the audience known as little meat Li Chang because of its delicate face and tall tall stature favorite harvest a large number of fans, and so get the "diffuse tear man" title. Yesterday, Li Chang attended the TV drama "formula" happy fixing conference is by the media, of all ages, mention this drama when shooting, Li Chang said he was lucky to be a part of this show, and I’m very happy to learn many predecessors performing knowledge. The rain felt warm Lee Chang interpretation of the definition of true love cast yesterday, TV drama "formula" suffered because of rain invasion and fixing conference had to cut part of the game of happiness, but to the media have more time for an interview, but concern Li Chang still patiently answered a reporter’s question, actively cooperate with the on-site interaction. When asked about Li Chang’s attitude towards love, Li Chang said he would be more daring and frank in the face of true love, like the play himself as the same as Liu Kai, do not care about the age and other issues, the courage to pursue love.   相关的主题文章:

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