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Job seekers were trapped in expensive training into negative Weng has continued joint creditcard.ccb.com

Job seekers were trapped in expensive training into "negative Weng" has continued: joint job seekers have a joint report to the public security organ seekers said in an interview at the contemporary life daily news (reporter Meng Jinhuang     Ventura) on the job, but was pulled to the training; training fees to pay to repay. But I owe the bank loan. "Work is not forthcoming   they have become" negative Weng "(see the November 17th 3 edition) reported that the number of job seekers entering the society deeply cheated. November 18th, they intend to unite in the end. In the police reminder, these job seekers intend to write a joint letter to the relevant departments to complain. In the interest of Zhuo Xinzhi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Nanning branch (hereinafter referred to as "Zhuo Xinzhi") to accept the "training", these job seekers know only "classrooms and toilets", the company allegedly wouldn’t let them mess around. So they don’t even know where the head office is. Now want to complain about the company, safeguard their rights and interests, they also somewhat puzzled. Recently, Zhang et al. Job seekers in a high interest Zhuo Xinzhi training, after the newspaper reported, more than have the same job seekers realized that the company gave them painted high paying jobs in the "pie" is not reliable. However, they want to find the person in charge of the company to communicate, but there is no progress. After the intervention of media, such as job seekers to Zhang Zhuo Xinzhi interest rights issue, and find a glimmer of hope. Reporters consulted the lawyers for these candidates, they have been recommended by lawyers, intends to jointly report to the public security organs. On the morning of 18, Zhang and several other job seekers to XiXiangTang Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau report. Under the reminder of the police, the applicant intends to organize more people who have the same experience, jointly write a petition materials, and then to the relevant departments of complaints.相关的主题文章:

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