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Jingmen will host the twelfth session of the Chinese Chrysanthemum Exhibition million pots of chrysa manbetx.cc

Jingmen will host the twelfth session of the Chinese Chrysanthemum Exhibition million pots of chrysanthemums. Grace in October 9th, in the city botanical garden, chrysanthemum art staff are nervously for the twelfth session of Chinese (Jingmen) chrysanthemum exhibition layout construction, is expected in October 23rd around the city’s work can be completed. (reporter Zhu Shun photo) October 28th, the city will host the twelfth China chrysanthemum exhibition. Then, 1 million 200 thousand pots of bright and colorful and different shapes of Chrysanthemum in the city botanical garden will show grace. China Chrysanthemum Exhibition was founded in 1982, is organized by the Chinese society of landscape architecture, a national special flower exhibition, held every 3 years. After eleven years of development, China Chrysanthemum Exhibition has become a well-known professional exhibition brand, Chrysanthemum Exhibition in the Olympic games". China Chrysanthemum Exhibition has been held in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hefei, Wuxi, Beijing, Siu Lam, opened successfully held. Organized by the national Juzhan, on the host city to beautify the environment, improve visibility, promote plays an important role in civilization construction. Exhibitors: 58 and twelfth City area the Chinese Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be held at the Jingmen botanical garden from October 28, 2016 to November 28th, a month. The Juzhan "chrysanthemum flower rhyme Jingmen Yao Chinese" as the theme, will display all kinds of Arts and other more than 2800 pots of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum (strain) and with more than 120 pots of flowers. Up to now, Holland, Japan, Hongkong and other countries and regions and Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin and other 58 cities (units) to participate in the current China chrysanthemum exhibition. During the exhibition, in addition to hold outdoor attractions, standard booth, 100 chrysanthemum race, special varieties, new varieties, bonsai, chrysanthemum and other desk chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, cultivation technology, cliff chrysanthemum, daliju chrysanthemum bonsai, floral art, landscape art 13 sports competitions will be held at the same time, the international academic forum, chrysanthemum business and cultural tourism and other related activities. The Chrysanthemum Exhibition held in Jingmen and Hubei province for the first time, when the country’s tourists gathered in Jingmen, will greatly enhance the visibility and influence of Jingmen, is a showcase of Jingmen’s economic and social development achievements and the features of the city a rare opportunity. Juzhan Preparatory Committee has completed twelfth of the China Juzhan exhibition city design of the preliminary work, and review and all through participating in the project of Beijing experts on various city, experts agree that the overall level of the Juzhan City Exhibition of works than in the past sessions have greatly improved, showing a higher exhibition art and the level of some opinions and suggestions to have feedback to the relevant city, revise and perfect. Juzhan economic value for the mining depth, boosting the local economy, the city has a number of professional and Beijing, Xiamen, and other places city planning company, on how to promote the city’s Juzhan cultural tourism, modern services, health and other industries for the communication and discussion, to formulate the business activity plan, combined with the chrysanthemum industry seminar the international famous agricultural products city in Jianghan Plain, painting and calligraphy exhibition promotion, folk cultural performances, and strive to do the Juzhan investment platform and serve the local economic development event. Venue: Jingmen botanical garden, Jingmen city!相关的主题文章:

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