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Jing Ke where are you debut at the Vancouver Film Festival won popularity soared attention – Enterta t6670

Jing Ke "where are you" debut at the Vancouver Film Festival won popularity soared attention – Entertainment Sohu "where are you" the official poster "where are you" creative debut in the Vancouver Film Festival, Vancouver Film Festival Fan Haolun Jing Ke site Sohu entertainment news seventy-third Venice Film Festival will be held from August 31st to September 10th in Italy held Venice lido. Venice Film Festival was born in 1932, is the world’s first film festival. Venice has been the Chinese Film Paradise, Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Zhang Yimou, Ang Lee and Johnwoo, and other Chinese film awards. After this year’s Venice Film Festival, Chinese film is still upset, judge Zhao Wei, Zhang Yuqi, Jing Ke invited guests. Directed by Fan Haolun, Jing Ke starred in "where are you" for the first time in the September 5th Venice Film Festival debut, get high attention. And the day before "where are you" creative rushed to Vancouver, attended the opening ceremony of the fourth session of the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, as the festival’s "China link", Chinese star has also been a lot of attention from all walks of life Jing ke. The only Chinese film "you won attention as the only one Chinese movie debut in the Venice film this year in which" in Venice, directed by Fan Haolun and starring Jing Ke as the representative of "where are you" was the first show in Venice will take the channel opener. The movie "where are you" is the only official Chinese film to be invited to participate in the Venice China Film Festival, and will be the world premiere in Venice on September 5th. "You are directed by domestic rookie director Fan Haolun in which", a local focus starring youth strength actor Jing Ke, show open marginal crime genre special social problems such as domestic violence, trafficking in children, in addition to the invited to the official trip to Venice also has a finalist in the 2016 International Film Festival and Canada the fourth session of the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, and the twenty-fifth annual film festival in China style show. "You are full of huge amount of information in the trailer lens which" exposure, collect "suspense" and "crime" and "trafficking in children" and other elements. In the background of the night, the strong sound effects, the dark scene and the exciting action play alternately, to a large extent, enhance the audio-visual experience. The young actor Ke Jing Biao acting big "where are you" by Wang Nan (Jing Ke ornaments) daughter missing clues, "truth" two words throughout the whole film, fast rhythm of the story and interlocking suspense let all the big open hole in the brain, and there is no lack of sense of reality, so that the audience can not help but fall into social thought. The movie "where are you" is the new director Fan Haolun’s first film, the film presents a type of crime in order to real and fast-paced, directing actors requirements are very high, so watch the early shooting scene Ke real data of figure out, and advance into the home court scene to experience life. It is reported that Jing Ke starred in the movie "Xi Wo" Far East International Film Festival finalists and world premiere, and successfully nominated the Madrid International Film Festival main competition, and won the best original screenplay and best editing.相关的主题文章:

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