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IPhone 77 plus week sales exposure is far less than iPhone 6 coinwatch

IPhone 77 Plus first week sales exposure is not as good as iPhone 6 last week, Apple announced that iPhone Plus and bright black version of the first supply of the world’s first iPhone has been sold out, then in the end of the first week of the new iPhone sold how much? Third party research institutions Localytics tracking data show that the first week sales of the iPhone 7 series with iPhone 6S is slightly lower than the latter, specifically iPhone 7 sales accounted for iPhone market share of 1%, and 7 Plus in 0.2%. The same period last year listed iPhone 6 series, 6S’s first week sales ratio is 1%, while the proportion of sales of 6S Plus is the same, that is, whether it is 6S or 7, are far from the iPhone reached a high of $6 a week listed in 2%. Localytics stressed that the actual users to buy iPhone 7 may be greater than the data in the table, because there are not received or waiting for apple to deliver goods, of course, even if these are added in iPhone 6 is far from the original hot. Due to the appearance of basically no change, the outside world is not optimistic about the iPhone 7 series, but the first week of sales is a bit surprising, want to buy a bright black or iPhone 7 Plus to start a little stronger.相关的主题文章:

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