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In addition to game of Thrones or they shine in the Emmy (video) 444kk.com

In addition to "game of Thrones" or they shine in the Emmy [Abstract] this year is the 70 anniversary of the founding of the United States television college, the Emmy Awards seem to be given a commemorative significance. But in fact, this is just a summary of the industry’s meeting, fans respect more than any award has value. Sixty-eighth Emmy Awards ceremony will be held on the morning of 19 time Beijing Tencent (text editor Deng Jia Yang Shiyang entertainment Zhuangao) and to the annual Emmy Awards, the play new tricks. Before we start the final sixty-eighth Emmy Awards, let’s make a short notice. Beijing time on the morning of September 19th, at a ceremony in Hollywood at the same time, valley vernacular drama + madman will be together in a live webcast Tencent gave their debut, while we announced with winning results, while offering spicy interesting comment. Next, it’s about to start the Emmy awards. "Shake Sen" starring "night manager" first state table. If the manager can get what "night" awards, was an Emmy Award in the history of the big joke, but it seems that this seems inevitable, because it has 12 finalists. In addition to look at the face, on the overall quality of the show itself, we all know. Your husband and your ex husband Tom Hugh uncle ride out a logic, not even the so-called spy drama. Even in a team of writers John Le Carre’s blessing and how? Now that he is a spy, should understand the important details, you can design a group of the world’s most powerful arms dealers, together to negotiate business secret, and even mobile phone cards are not destroyed, and threw a drink in the bottle? Then, Tom played the hotel manager on duty to pick up to find the security department. One night in five star hotel on the waiter, instantly became the British Empire responsible for the arrest of international terrorist operatives. This change is also really inspirational life. Don’t know Tom Hugh and his uncle don’t believe this story is their interpretation of the moment, anyway, is a gang of masked killer carrying AK47 into strong defense preparations for a while is a private party, from day multinational conspiracy, this kind of thing if you put on MTV, broadcast a summer and even invited so heavy the star, so come up with a grandiose script, do not know what is the map. "The game of power" is still the biggest winner of this year’s Emmy Award from the nomination list. On the face of it, there’s nothing new about this year’s Emmy awards. "Game of Thrones" still led the number of ten awards finalists, finalists are also other episodes such as "homeland" (Opera), a popular repertoire of familiar face. But if you carefully analyze the list, there will always be some people look forward to the dark horse. Regular people are countless times in the Emmy award to see, let’s skip, look at those who shine, what more strange light. Ice blood storm really amazing people is actually limited drama unit. One is the American crime story, and the other is the ice storm. The latter, the fans are very familiar with, from the beginning of the first quarter, the cold, twisted, irony and violent episodes have been proud to display B相关的主题文章:

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