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I never thought the hair dryer and these magical usage (video) sweets parade

I never thought that the hair dryer and these magic usage [Abstract] every hair dryer, but most people only use it to blow the hair, in fact, there are many uses hair dryer, do not know can be a big loss. A computer keyboard is most likely to clean dust ash, but not good at cleaning, turn off the power, with a hair dryer blowing cold air along the slit of the keyboard, the dust came out ~ home small corner of the other can also use this method Oh ~ dust mist bath after the mirror in the bathroom is often a the mist, blowing the hair with a hair dryer blowing a look in the mirror. By the way, the fog disappeared ~ wax on the table if the sticky wax, not a hard blow, with a hair dryer blowing it naturally soften ~ except musty when seasonal clothes just out from the cabinet, will inevitably have a musty, not the sun you can stop blowing ten minutes with cold wind blower, musty naturally disappeared. Home valuable books when damp mildew can also use this method to clear the pores face retaining gently blow face with a hair dryer hot air, can open the pores, make the face washed clean, do not get too close ~ dry paper machine with a hair dryer to blow dry shoes on the shoes before you can make the shoes more comfortable, but also the prevention of diseases such as tinea pedis, especially feet sweat easily, keep the shoes dry is very important Oh ~ drying appliances home television sets, computer in moisture heavy season, can take the hair dryer hot air blowing a block, get rid of the moisture, electrical appliances can be used longer ~ dry snacks home cookies damp, with a hair dryer to blow, immediately returned to the crisp taste ~ health article hair care do not think that only the wet hair can use the hair dryer, dry hair can be used, but also Have the function of health care! Every day with a hair dryer hot air blowing and retaining the scalp, massage by hand, can play a role in promoting blood circulation, make the hair to get more nutrition, not only can harvest a hair, the pressure eased, sleep, we all know we in treatment of essential hypertension medicine cupping is very useful. But when you are at home, can play a similar role with a hair dryer, stiff neck after using hair dryer hot air blowing out around the shoulders, with massage can alleviate pain! Treat a cold runny nose when the cold is because people in the nose of the relatively low temperature, steam into cold water, so in the early cold can blow the nose with a hair dryer heat, can not only alleviate the symptoms of runny nose, can kill the virus ~ a headache or cold stress headaches, can use hot towel on the forehead, and then across the towel with a hair dryer at the temple blowing for 2 to 3 minutes, it can be effectively alleviate headache alleviate stomachache can use the hair dryer to blow a stomach, can effectively relieve stomach pain, dysmenorrhea, can also use the hair dryer blowing about the lower abdomen, pain can be alleviated, the treatment of periarthritis of shoulder stop blowing hot air blower with the surface of the skin, three times a day, persist for a week, periarthritis of shoulder can get better. This is because the hot air can promote blood circulation, of Blood stasis. Life tips article refrigerator defrosting refrigerator at home for a long time, always with a thick layer of cream, scraping down especially hard, can actually use the hair dryer to blow, frost is easier to the body such as the use of hemostatic ~ scab相关的主题文章:

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