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Husband Josephine Ho said Hilary Tsui is sickly outflow as share in 9c8836

Husband Josephine Ho said Hilary Tsui is sickly outflow as Josephine Ho and Eason Chan share in response to his wife Hilary Tsui turned the rumored Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the daughter of King Josephine Ho [micro-blog] and husband Chen Zicong married for 13 years, in August Chen Zicong came because of gastrointestinal problems in hospital, illness was an emergency, since her husband into the hospital, her husband’s illness has been to keep a low profile, do not want to say. But the day before her husband face elimination thin sparse hair pictures online but was crazy, with the picture of Eason Chan out of [micro-blog] wife Hilary Tsui [micro-blog] hands, so she and Josephine Ho also suspected Former friends become enemies with each other. Josephine Ho attended the day before makeup brand new store opening, asked her husband Chen Zicong illness, she generously said, "now he has recovered a lot, have some fat, hair grow back, but still continued to receive treatment, need to convalesce." When asked whether has been with the Hilary Tsui sisters fell out, Josephine Ho frankly did not blame each other, two people are still good sisters, but she could not help to love Hilary Tsui and upload pictures, in the community, so she was very puzzled. The husband was ill exposure, she also said: "Hilary Tsui is helpless to estimate conveniently to upload photos to Instagram, she is really a share in." ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章:

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