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Hubei University 85 birthday please 20000 students free meals (Figure) pretty rhythm

Hubei University 85 birthday please 20000 students free meals (Figure) "a chicken two dishes, one egg three shrimp. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?!" Hubei University, 2015 news dissemination of professional Li Yaxuan so circle of friends. This is the Hubei University education development foundation to celebrate the 85 th anniversary of the founding of the teachers and students for more than 22300 copies of "celebration meal". Teachers and students can receive coupons to the canteen in advance by the designated place, the free exchange of school meals. For the protection of the more than 22 thousand and 300 anniversary of the meal quality and quantity delivered to students, staff canteen together, cooking, packaging, distribution, stop for a moment. Food Center Manager Guo Yinjie said: "we received 23 days notice, immediately began to prepare for the final set, a chicken, shrimp three, three diced 100 grams, 100 grams, Bacon shredded cabbage stewed egg 200 grams, a Steamed Rice package. At the same time the supply of so many meals, in my school history is rare." In addition, in order to meet the needs of the Muslim students dining, school meals coupons, opened special halal halal window, provide "special meals for the Department and Yangluo more than 260 Muslim students". Until 12:30 noon, Scarlett would have nearly 8000 copies of the exchange Park canteen meal celebration. In the canteen of the crowd, a ten year old boy from Australia, skillfully use chopsticks in celebration meal to eat a mouthful of chicken oil. With the mother to visit the lake "Qiu Xiaoshuai children, from time to time" and sit on the opposite side of the lake in the dialogue of college students, said Chinese food is very delicious. Eat a meal of the celebration of students did not forget to "show off" the free lunch, took photos of Slide Show sent to micro-blog, the circle of friends, QQ space platform. A name "Phoebe" for students will put into two shrimp heart in the circle of friends, the 85 year old Hubei University Happy birthday wish. Zhang Zhenhai 2015 software engineering is issued to eat lunch boxes in the picture space, to alma mater confession: the company is the most long love. @ Hubei University (correspondent Li Tianshu)相关的主题文章:

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