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Hubei real trend throughout the poorest and ranked the richest city big secret avbox

Hubei real trend throughout the poorest and ranked the richest city in Hubei around the price trend and the ranking of the poorest and most urban city big secret

source: Tencent.com update: 2016-09-30 15:15:09 classification: City Keywords: the poorest and most of the urban city, housing prices, the trend of

    in recent years, prices have been rising! Rose! Rose! There are many people in the industry believe that: as the provincial capital city and economic center, Wuhan most of the regional housing prices will continue to rise!

    unfortunately, the recent introduction of the new deal, the abolition of agricultural accounts, so there is no use to return to the countryside!

    say more are tears, we still come, Hubei province county (city, district) housing prices ~

    look at the highest prices in which cities, which the lowest price!

    1 Wuhan 12332

    2 Yichang city 6049

    3 Xiangyang city 5882

    4 Huangshi city 4787

    5 Shiyan city 4734

    6 Jingzhou 4554

    7 Enshi 4461

    8 Xiaogan 4179

    9 Shennongjia forest region 3933

    10 Suizhou city 3596

    11 Huanggang city 3466

    12 Ezhou 3462

    13 Jingmen city 3457

    14 Tianmen 3183

    15 Xianning city 2982

    , of course,

    only to assess the price of urban development is not very scientific,

    there are many factors.

    prices have been up and up,

    I can’t afford to eat melon people can only look at ~

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