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How to express to help you make them perfect www.bv2008.cn

How to express to help you make that perfect three is a technology live, we should speak not only, but also can do in the profession before, do some preparatory work, can make that the success rate of the more high, to declare, we also need more surprises, so, in the end how to express? The introduction of several methods that create a good communication relationship: in the profession before we must first establish a good communication relationship, then what kind of relationship is a good example: it will chat every day, for example there are many common topics and so on. To tell the truth, also need some heat, usually a month to chat is not more than ten words, you send the message she often does not reply, I am afraid that the success rate will be very low, or that the time is not mature enough, so we should to pull closer relations. Enough of her personality and hobbies: confession, we want to know as much as possible some of her personality, hobbies and so on, to understand what is the use? It is sure that when we want to refer to express some of this stuff, we prove that not only the appearance of her affection, we have a comprehensive understanding of her, let her know from we have already started to pay attention to her. In addition, after the success of the previous understanding of personality and hobbies to help the future is very large. (as for how to understand the character and hobbies will see you usually chat with them how to talk, such as the weekend, and asked what she arranged her to spend the weekend, for example, when it rains, she asked what mood fluctuations and so on.) Choose a suitable time to confession: confession is also very pick the time when in the end it is more suitable to express it? I am here to give you some advice when I was 1, her birthday or your birthday; when 2, Valentine’s day and April Fool’s Day (Valentine’s Day 2.14 or the Qixi Festival can) 3, the holiday weekend, the best selection of confession when people are in a good mood, the holiday is a good choice. Birthday is certainly better, if you can face advertising words back face to face, if not can choose to send information or call. His success to remember these points so as not to start a confession, love it: first, to increase the contact contact, each other has some understanding, there are some human exchanges between, can ask her to see a film. (dinner is also half a trap) second points, how to let her to accept the invitation: This is a very important step, because this invitation is not a failure, A example: a friend sent tickets, so she invited her bestie and go to the movies – second invitation can be alone please she, and can hold her hand or in the right movie atmosphere. Example B: I was going to watch a movie with my cousin, but my cousin didn’t go to bed…… I wish she could go with her. (because the excuse itself will let sensitive girl be aware of, failure is normal, sometimes also can invite several times, but do not mind a hot invitation lost to all sense of shame. To have)相关的主题文章:

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