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Hongkong office rents are expected to remain the world’s first – China Network www.haole55.com

The report is expected to Hongkong office rents will still ranks first in the world – Beijing, Beijing, September 16, according to Hongkong news agency news: international real estate consultancy firm Knight Frank on 15 2017 "global city report" pointed out that the comprehensive performance of skyscrapers rent the second quarter of 2016 in the first 6 months, Hongkong China won the global quality office rent the most expensive city, the average annual per square foot for $278.50, far more than the second ranked New York annual rent of $158 per square foot. Due to the larger gap between rents and other cities and demand continues, Hongkong is expected in the next 3 to 5 years, the level of office rents will remain the world’s first. According to the report, although the level of office rents in Hongkong will remain the world’s first, but the second quarter of 2016, Hongkong high quality office rental return is still the world’s low of only 3%. The report notes that although the low rate of return on rental and high prices, but the Chinese institutions in the past few years, the purchase of the entire office in Hongkong continued to increase. Looking to the future, mainland Chinese enterprises stationed in Hong Kong will become the main driving force for market demand. 6 months of 2016, a total investment of $2 billion 900 million of mainland enterprises in Hongkong to purchase office buildings, i.e. $22 billion 400 million, accounting for the transaction amount of 64% Hong Kong investment office. The report stressed that the benefit was founded in Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock market trading interconnection mechanism, the Asian infrastructure investment bank policy, the mainland capital to Hongkong as a springboard for investment or investment in overseas markets in the first station of the gradually rising. The report discusses the 31 Global City real estate market performance, the 3 major global trends and lists the impact of the real estate market and global city competitiveness: negative interest rates reduce expectations of a reasonable return, thus attracting funds into the real estate market; although the fluctuations in the economy, science and technology innovation to promote the global market in the demand for property; digital and creative industry era, the rapid growth of the city has become the focus of the market, the rapid growth in many city, commercial and residential property are shortage phenomenon.相关的主题文章:

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