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Home is not installed water purifier Five tips to help you choose the most appropriate sorpack

Home is not installed water purifier? Five tips to help you choose the most suitable water purifier in the development of the domestic faster and faster, the water purifier to the family to bring a healthy water purification. With the increase in demand, the type of water purifier is also increasing, although the user has brought a lot of convenience, but it increases the confusion when consumers buy. Water purifier which brand is good what kind of water purifier in the face of many brands and different types of water purifiers, consumers do not know how to start. Today teach you the recipe works!       first, understand the water and local water conditions, drinking water safety is the most important.       prior to the purchase of water purifiers, consumers should first understand their own water and water quality. Water quality in the northern part of the country is more difficult than the southern part of the country, and more impurities, the selection of high precision filtration RO RO water purifier is also called pure water machine is the first choice for the family. The water quality in southern area is relatively soft, but due to heavy industrial pollution such as heavy metals, chemical pollution exists, plus most of the district is two water, two water supply will exist some problems such as water pollution, drinking water quality requirements if some families can choose high pure water machine, of course, if the the requirements of drinking water quality is not high, also can choose superfilter.       secondly, the qualification of water purifier is the guarantee of drinking water quality.       water purifier is to check the inspection report and product qualification certificate, whether the brand with the national and provincial health department inspection report and the health and safety of drinking water product license, which is a necessary condition to ensure the safety and health of qualified products to buy.       the most direct investigation, several whole, namely RO, UF reverse osmosis water purifier ultrafiltration water purifier, pipeline machine, must have the health department issued health permits to sell, then have to handle the pipeline machine 3C mandatory safety certification. Of course, if the manufacturer of the product to the product liability insurance, then you buy and use only real psychological. Remember, it’s hard.       third, good size, installation position and method.       buy water purifier need to be divided into two kinds of situations, one is the home is being renovated or not renovated, this situation is easy to set aside space for machine installation. If the home is completed renovation, small wrench service staff will be based on the actual situation in your home to determine the installation location.       fourth, pay attention to water purifier filter replacement and replacement costs.       water purifier is the need to replace the filter regularly, while some propaganda is not need to replace the filter for the brand, this is more worrying, water purifier filter is used to replace the filter period, to protect the safety of the drinking water regularly. Filter in the replacement should pay attention to the different elements of the filter, and the replacement cycle and the cost is not the same, consumers should be!相关的主题文章:

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