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Holland list Robben Sneijder led Barcelona new signing unsuccessful finalists www.haole10.com

Holland list: Robben Sneijder led Barcelona defeated new aid finalists Holland squad for Beijing time on September 30th, Holland coach Blinder released the latest issue of the national team list, the returning Robben missed the list, Blinder said that Robben was very eager to go to war, but they and the Bayern club made the decision after. The Holland team will usher in a World Cup qualifier in Belarus in October 8th 3 days after their home court, the home court against new European Cup runner up france. The Holland squad: Julio Silayson (Barcelona), Zot (PSV), Stekelenburg (Everton) defender: Bruma (Wolfsburg), Van Dyk (Southampton), duopu Carlsberg (Faye Nord), Kongolo (Faye Nord), Blinder (Manchester United), Veltman (Ajax), Deveri (Lazio), Williams (Eindhoven midfielders: Crathie) (Southampton), Claasen (Ajax), Propper (PSV), Schneider (Lata Saleh), Castro Mann (Rome), Wijnaldum (Liverpool): Boguyisi striker (Faye Nord), Dost (Portuguese sports), Yang Sen (Tottenham), Lv Kederong (PSV), Narsingh, Plo James (PSV) (Moscow Bada)相关的主题文章:

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