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Henan ten landmark buildings which have you seen (map) www.ppp444.com

Henan ten landmark buildings which have you seen? (Figure) – overall visual News Photography Department Daniel Chan reporter Duan Weiduo Washington for the implementation of the central and provincial city work conference, highlighting the Chinese since the new establishment of Henan Province in the urban and rural construction achievements, to guide the future development of a period of building design direction, "looking for the most beautiful building in contemporary Henan" activities since June 1st began, after nearly 5 months of intense competition, "the most beautiful building" list. October 25th, looking for the most beautiful contemporary architectural activities in Henan news conference held in the provincial government information office held. Organized by the Henan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction guidance, Henan daily newspaper group, Henan River newspaper, Career Technical College and Henan province construction engineering survey and Design Industry Association, construction supervision Association of Henan Province Construction Industry Association, Henan province and Henan Province, town planning and Construction Association jointly organized. Activity received a total of about 21000000 Internet voting, more than 3 thousand pieces of photos from around the province, finally selected a total of 125 award-winning projects, show the outstanding achievement of construction work in our province, to the 67 anniversary of the founding of new China; implementing the correct construction policy, leading the development direction of architectural design in our province. Among them, 27 monument, core buildings, Zheng Dong New District CBD Zhengzhou airport terminal T2 10 building "clueless" won the "Henan contemporary, the most beautiful building · first prize (landmark)". In addition, Zhengzhou University new campus buildings and other 50 projects have been awarded "Henan contemporary the most beautiful building · two prize; North China University of water conservancy and hydropower new campus buildings of 40 projects have been awarded" Henan contemporary the most beautiful building · nomination "; Luoyang center springs wealth shopping center 25 projects for Henan the most beautiful building · network award". How beautiful is the most beautiful building? With immediate effect, this newspaper opened column on the most beautiful buildings were selected batches, centralized display. Today, the first appearance is the first prize, 10 landmark building.相关的主题文章:

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