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Henan 4 cities and counties on the list of the top 2016 of the country has not your home ca1477

The 4 Henan counties on the list of 2016 national top 100 in your hometown have not recently, good news came from the Beijing small and medium-sized city economic development committee and city development strategy research institute through the "people’s Daily" and "2016 China small city development report – green book" jointly issued the twelfth small and medium-sized City Chinese scientific development index research and "2016 the national comprehensive strength hundred counties", "2016 national comprehensive strength hundred" list of great Henan, there are several places with high strength, strong finalists! See if you have a home?! In 2016 China’s comprehensive strength of small and medium cities in the list of top 100 counties, Henan has a list of the top 4 county-level cities. Xinzheng city of the forty-third Xinzheng north of Zhengzhou, the ancient called "Youxiong", Emperor Huang Di in the capital. Area of 873 square kilometers, a population of 786 thousand, wheat, corn, cotton, peanuts and other crops planting area is vast, Xinzheng jujube is also well-known in central plains. 2014, the city’s GDP reached 56 billion 850 million yuan, urban residents per capita disposable income of $25028, per capita net income of farmers 15672 yuan. In the area of fiscal revenue exceeding 100 million yuan Township reached 8, 6 among the province’s top Township Township, the shop, Xue Xin Dian selected key towns. Yuzhou city of the fiftieth Yuzhou city is located in central Henan Province, is the center city of Zhongyuan city group, located in the transition zone and the eastern plain Funiushan mountains, Ying River from west to east across the whole territory. Yuzhou City, known as the Chinese were the first, known as the Jun porcelain culture, Da Yu culture, the culture of traditional Chinese medicine. Here is the only place in history, Chinese Jun first slavery Dynasty — the capital of the Xia Dynasty, Chinese "five famous porcelain", is also one of the Ming and Qing Dynasties four Chinese herbal medicine center, known as the "summer", "Jun", "medicine" said. Gongyi city of the fifty-ninth Gongyi is located in the north of Songshan, west of the ancient city of Luoyang City, 76 kilometers, 82 kilometers east from Zhengzhou. Gongyi is one of the core cities of Zhengzhou – Gongyi – Luoyang industrial corridor. Since 1992, the overall economic strength of 13 consecutive years ranked first in the county of Henan Province, for the first time in a row for the top 100 counties in the country, the county’s economic competitiveness ranked the country’s top thirty-ninth in the country in the top 22. Gongyi is the first province of Henan province to grant the city’s economic and social management authority to expand the county. Gongyi industrial base is good, is one of the birthplace of the township enterprises. Xingyang city of the sixtieth Xingyang city south balcony Songyue, north of the Yellow River, control between Xiaoshan mountains and the Yellow River Mangshan plain downstream of throat key, known as the "two Shaanxi Beijing’s throat," said. Xingyang belongs to Zhengzhou, rich in mineral resources, has found more than 20 kinds, of which coal reserves of up to 6 tons. The comprehensive strength of Xingyang for many years in Henan province county (city) forefront. So a complete list of small and medium-sized city of scientific development index system is evaluated from the economic development, social progress, environmental friendly and government efficiency four aspects. This list every year, last year, Henan is also 4 on the list, but the list is different: "old star" in Gongyi last year after failing the exam again this year, strong kill back, and last year in the list of Yima City, this year is not on the list. No department相关的主题文章:

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