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Hefei uncle to train with chickens to food to buy tickets www.11aabb.com

Hefei uncle to train with chickens to "food" ticket "in version of Uncle embarrassed way" yesterday at the Hefei train station on October 7th is the National Day holiday on the last day, a funny thing happened more than 3 years has stopped passenger train station, an old man insisted to see grandson from the train station, but also with chickens on the train, finally, with the help of the police, the old man finally found the right way to travel. In the morning, the Hefei train station is the king of police officers on duty, I saw a more than and 70 year old man carrying a basket of egg, a laptop with a three or four chicken nylon bag, lying around in the waiting room outside the gates. Police officer Wang rushed to go in the past, the old man immediately to the police station and asked: "this holiday? How to lock the door with no one? I’m going to my grandson’s house in Anqing. Didn’t I take the train from here?" Police officer Wang learned that uncle had come, hurriedly told: "the station ceased passenger for more than 3 years, Anqing is from the train to go before, can now go to Hefei South Station train, but now cars are real name system to buy tickets, tickets, three people, one can take the car license." At the same time, Wang police remind the elderly chickens can not take the car. Did not expect to hear uncle hurriedly said: "I take the ID card, the" food "for me not, I’ll take this egg and the chicken, with no other food, since chickens can’t take, it can be used to transfer tickets? Not just for you, if you can help me to sit on the train to Anqing." Uncle, this is a real name system, not food." See Uncle misunderstood, the police officer explained why the real name system. "Time is now the chickens to market opposite you to kill, clean packaged, or to improve nutrition and you grandson, from the market near the bus station by bus to go to the station a few stops away. To the south station after artificial ticket, ID card to buy the tickets you can ride to go to Anqing to see grandchildren." Finally, with the help of the police officer, the old man to find the right way to ride.相关的主题文章:

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