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Haidian School District home buyers 156 flat to enjoy the home of 150 thousand to reach the 300 thou www.aaa54.com

Haidian School District home for children 156 flat in the home to enjoy the 150 thousand discount of $300 thousand [Abstract] the shopping district and the park for you to go shopping, rest, enjoy the relaxed from the work, the breath of the fresh air of leisure time. Have all kinds of preferential discounts, great efforts! Haidian Kun Yufu · Yu Longtai (real estate information) 150 thousand to 300 thousand real estate Tencent – Kun Yufu · Longtai Jade Road and Linglong landianchang road is located in the northwest corner of the intersection, adjacent to Metro Line 6 and line 10, cishou temple and get off at the mouth of the D east line of 5 meters, that is to project. Kun Yufu · Longtai jade building 16, a small amount of surplus housing in the sale, building 16, 16 layers, 5 ladder 22, ranking 183 in the sale of four apartment layout area, a total of 23 million sets of property fee is 5.5 yuan per square metre * month, 50 years of property rights, blank, submitted in December 31, 2017. 16 building electricity supplier discount of 150 thousand to reach 300 thousand. Tencent Beijing Haidian real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721064 Kun Yufu · Yu Longtai view details of the total price of 23 million yuan set along the subway brand real estate developers Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 Kun Yufu · Yu Longtai siting at this, starting from the project, 10 minutes to reach Financial Street, life radius, accessibility and 4 values, enjoying the 28 prestigious universities, near the 26 the medical institutions, 18 city leisure park, lots of achievements of extraordinary value Tiancheng project. "" "" "click to see Kun Yufu · Yu Longtai comments above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. [Abstract] shopping district and park for you to go shopping, rest, enjoy the relaxed air from work after hours, fresh air. Have all kinds of preferential discounts, great efforts! Daxing Huayuan (real estate information). The row of cards to enjoy 40 thousand against 120 thousand discount Tencent Huayuan Real Estate News. The project is located in Daxing North Road East Star base opposite. Huayuan world No. 10. The project opened in September 3, 2016, opening of 200 sets of houses, shops are arranging, is expected in late September 2016 into the city. Huxing 45-50 square meters (A Figure), the average price of 29800 yuan per square meter, the total price of 1 million 300 thousand sets. During the row of cards enjoy 40 thousand against 120 thousand, and another 300 yuan (starting from earning large quantities of gold each day to day row card subscription price, every day in the total 1629 minus 300 yuan). Huayuan West World Building 10, 10 storey, 3 ladder 30, 4.2 meters tall, blank endorsed, 50 years of property rights, property costs 4.2 yuan / square meters, in October 31, 2017. The other project is in the middle of July grand launch of its commercial facilities — Huayuan · West World Town, products for 37-200 square meters can be customized Denver Pu, specific sales price is currently undetermined, arranging, arranging the cost of 10 thousand yuan, of which part of the business operation with gas, catering and other formats. Tencent Beijing Daxing real estate group, real-time discussion of hot topics. 1547210.相关的主题文章:

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