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Guangdong 10 high-speed road congestion occurred yesterday in Guangzhou city is not a big congestion beself

Guangdong 10 high-speed road congestion in the city of Guangzhou yesterday is not large congestion information times (reporter Xiong Jiayan Wang Zhixun) yesterday, the territory of Guangdong high-speed road is still a lot of traffic control or congestion occurs, but there are also some sections of high-speed traffic into downtown Guangzhou is smooth. According to the Guangdong Provincial Communications Group news, October 4th, 5, the 6 day of the group, the group’s jurisdiction under the jurisdiction of the export of highway traffic were 3 million 570 thousand, 3 million 320 thousand, respectively, an increase of more than 12% last year, more than 3 million 480 thousand. Yesterday morning at 10 am, the reporter from Southern China north to South Xinzhou station, found on both sides of the road traffic is very smooth. Along the Southern China quickly into the Guangzhou Beltway to Fangcun direction, although traffic is Southern China fast, but the speed is not slowed down. Subsequently, the reporter from the Guangzhou Beltway into the new high-speed east to the Guangzhou South Railway Station, the two-way six lane highway double direction are very smooth, not because the return peak congestion. At 12 pm, reporters from Fangcun into the Guangzhou Zhuhai West expressway, double direction high-speed road is very smooth, and no obvious peak traffic. Reporters from the Guangdong Provincial Communications Group real-time monitoring data to see, yesterday, the Humen bridge, Fokai, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guanghui, Guang Hui salt Shenzhen, Hui River, Guangzhou Zhuhai east, South Second Ring Road, Guangzhou Shenzhen 10 road traffic control or congestion. In addition, there are still a lot of serious traffic accidents. As of 19 pm yesterday, the reporter saw yesterday afternoon, there are still a number of highway traffic is slow, the Guangzhou Shenzhen, Yangmao, Guangfo, Hui River, Humen bridge, Jiangxi, Guangdong Hui salt in Shenzhen, Guangzhou Zhuhai Expressway East, bossun about 10 high-speed road is still part of the traffic accident causes traffic aggregation part of the road congestion. Guangzhou city public traffic return dispersion does not appear big congestion information times news (reporter Liu Jun Xuan correspondent pay) yesterday was the last day of the National Day holiday, congestion does not appear high speed traffic in the city of Guangzhou and the city, reporters yesterday from the Guangzhou police was informed that this year Guangzhou residents return more dispersed, effectively relieve the traffic pressure. According to statistics, during the National Day this year, the city of Guangzhou, the major highway and urban traffic situation has improved in recent years. According to the usual practice, the general return peak will be concentrated in the 5~7 days. Yesterday was the last day of the National Day holiday, as usual, the day will return peak, long queues will be in town. However, at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the Guangzhou traffic police command hall surveillance video to see yesterday, the city’s main thoroughfare and the city highway traffic is normal, there is no big congestion. Traffic police command hall real-time traffic display, at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the urban trunk road, including Whampoa  Avenue, zoo sections, TV tower sections, such as sections of the highway are smooth, no congestion. Airport Expressway, Humen Expressway and other high-speed road congestion also did not appear. Guangzhou police responsible person, this year the people of Guangzhou travel back scattered from the beginning of 5 began to trickle back to the city, to yesterday, most people have returned to Guangzhou, so no serious congestion. It is worth noting that.相关的主题文章:

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