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Fuzhou municipal government leaders to adjust the division of labor to implement the ab mechanism (v minmi

Fuzhou municipal government leaders to adjust the implementation of the division of labor, AB angle mechanism reporter was informed today, due to personnel changes, the study decided that the Fuzhou Municipal People’s government leading members of the work of the appropriate adjustments. According to reports, the Fuzhou municipal government leadership team responsible for the unified deployment of the work, the implementation of both division of labor, but also cooperation AB angle work mechanism. Each other AB corner of the municipal government leaders to go out for a meeting, study, investigation, vacation and other activities, the other party to take the initiative to replace their duties and contact. Specific as follows: Lin Fei executive vice mayor Yan Shi and deputy mayor are "AB angle"; filial piety should Ruan party members and vice mayor Pan Dongsheng as "AB corner"; Hangzhou east vice mayor and vice mayor Hu Zhenjie as "AB corner"; vice mayor Li Chun and vice mayor Yang water quality protection for each other "AB angle". Reporters noted that the day before the newly appointed two vice mayor Lin Fei Li Chun, a clear division of labor, in addition, Ruan served as municipal government party members should be filial piety. After the adjustment of the specific work of the leading members of the division of labor is as follows: especially fierce army on behalf of the mayor: presided over the full work of the municipal government. In charge of personnel, preparation, finance, auditing, supervision, land and resources, Fuzhou new district. Lin Fei, executive vice mayor: responsible for the municipal government work; Lin Fei executive vice mayor: responsible for the municipal government work in the mayor’s business trip, visit the city government work. In charge of development and reform, statistics, prices, construction of key projects, state-owned assets, management authority, free trade zone, the north shore of Minjiang Central Business District, financial strait financial business district, the construction of efficiency, government supervision, government legal, public affairs and information, "typhoon disaster recovery and reconstruction of Nibert", the work of ecological civilization pilot area, help responsible for the preparation, audit, supervision, Fuzhou district. In charge of the Department (unit): Municipal Development and Reform Commission, municipal key office, National Defense Mobilization Committee Economic Mobilization Office, Municipal Bureau of statistics, the City Administration (public) Service Center Management Committee, city of Fuzhou Wisdom Management Service Center, City Council, Fuzhou Free Trade Zone Area Management Committee (Fuzhou bonded Port Zone), city finance office, the municipal office performance digital city, City Legislative Affairs Office, office, Bank of Fujian Strait, Fuzhou rural commercial bank, investment management companies and other units. Assist in charge of departments (units): Fuzhou District Management Committee, the municipal office, municipal audit bureau, municipal supervision bureau. Contact Department (unit): Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, municipal Party school, Fuzhou City College of administration, the National Bureau of investigation team, the National Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, Fuzhou Central Branch of people’s Bank, the Banking Bureau, the provincial insurance regulatory bureau, various provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau, financial institutions (including banking, insurance, securities, financial asset management). Yan Shi: Deputy mayor in charge of agriculture, forestry, fishery, rural areas, flood control and drought relief, civil affairs, community, disabled people, ethnic and religious affairs, disaster relief, earthquake, aid and collaboration in the province, Ningxia, Haiphong, militia and reserve, new rural happy home works. In charge of the Department (unit): Municipal Bureau of agriculture, municipal water conservancy bureau and the municipal flood control office, marine and Fishery Bureau, forestry bureau, province, city food department, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the city of the old office, the Public Complaints Bureau, Seismological Bureau, city defense office, double support office, NGS (Group) Corporation and other units. Contact Department (unit): city;相关的主题文章:

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