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Fuzhou Jinan District road leading station relocation postponed for two lane dataload

Fuzhou Jinan District road leading station relocation postponed for two Lane station has been demolished, occupies two lane Strait news network November 19th (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Xu Fengwen Mao Zhaoqing (micro-blog) Figure) Fuzhou Jinan District leading Road, originally spacious two-way four lane, but with the Nanping road junction. Suddenly turned into a two-way two lane. Originally, a waste transfer station cross in the middle of the road, the enclosure to a half Road, here has become the "card neck road". Prior to this, the Department had said to the media in May can be removed, and then said it is expected to move in October, but now in November, there is still no movement. Near a number of district garbage piled up yesterday morning, the reporter came to the road leading to see near Nanping East Road, the road suddenly from the two-way four lane into a two-way lane, lane width is only about 3 meters left. One side of the metal enclosure around the enclosure is rubbish station, the outside is piled higher than human waste and waste brick and sofa. Subsequently, the reporter came to the garbage transfer station, I saw nearly a thousand square meters of garbage piled inside. Sanitation staff, the transfer station to undertake a number of residential areas around the tens of thousands of households garbage transfer work, hundreds of tons of garbage every day. Repeatedly said to move now that reporter learned that last year, the urban construction department said that the garbage transfer station will be relocated, the new station is expected to be put into use in May of this year. Later postponed, Haidu reporter also contacted the Jinan District Sanitation Department, the staff, the garbage station will be relocated to the road leading the Beltway and the junction of the ground, due to typhoon delay period, October is expected to move. But yesterday, reporters once again call the Jinan District Sanitation Department, the staff said that the new station is still under construction, when to move cannot be determined. Yesterday, the public Mr. Lin said: a small garbage station relocation extension, to bring a lot of inconvenience to the surrounding residents, I hope to implement as soon as possible." (channel network) >相关的主题文章:

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