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Fujian Mawei push cross-border electricity supplier development of more than 300 cross-border electr candy boy

Fujian Mawei pushing the development of cross-border electricity supplier more than 300 cross-border electricity supplier companies settled – Beijing, China News Agency, Fuzhou, August 29 (Su Yiyu) with the twenty-first Century "maritime Silk Road" and the core area of the free trade zone, the sustained release of the dividend policy, the westernization movement more than and 100 years ago and the famous Fujian Mawei, another a foreign exchange and cooperation of the "bridgehead". The official Mawei District of Fujian province 29 Foreign reported that Mawei Fujian FTA Fuzhou area of cross-border e-commerce park enterprises ushered in the boom, has introduced Ali, one of Qualcomm, suning.com, Chinese, Fujian China Silk Road supply and marketing overseas purchase more than and 300 domestic cross-border electricity supplier operating companies. October 2015, Fuzhou included in China’s cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities. November 3rd, Fuzhou cross-border electricity supplier public service platform and Fuzhou export processing zone cross-border electricity supplier Supervision Center enabled. According to Mawei customs Deputy Commissioner Gao Xiang introduced since Chinese (Fujian) since the establishment of free trade zone, promulgated a total of 39 trade regulatory system innovation, enhance the level of trade facilitation, reduce clearance costs, improve trade efficiency. Thailand show Nana Co., founder and CEO of clean English also believes that cross-border electricity supplier in Fuzhou is showing great potential and market prospects will be richly endowed by nature, and actively open up new markets in the layout of the Chinese. Deputy director of the Fuzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Chen Yu pointed out that the special advantage with the help of the free trade zone, dividend policy and Hong Kong, Masson has become a hot area of cross-border exchanges, Taiwan, also attracted attention from the field of enterprises at home and abroad. Chen Yu said that in order to support the further development of cross-border electricity supplier, Fujian Free Trade Zone, Fuzhou area cross-border e-commerce park has introduced rent, warehousing, taxation and other aspects of support policies. (end)相关的主题文章:

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