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From Luzhou to Jieyang Trinidad mother abducted 24 years away from home, mother came home – S pay.91860.net

From Luzhou to Jieyang Trinidad mother   abducted 24 years away from home, mother came home – Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: from Luzhou to Jieyang Trinidad mother abducted 24 years away from home, mother came home 6 days, Xiang Hong Xing Cun Luzhou city to Gulin County, a child and mother living together the place has become empty Wang Chuanyuan, ready to settle down here ". 24 years later, the mother and son reunited with the three, in front of the old family photo. Xie Bangxia returned to his hometown after 24 years, already have changed. Neighbor Zhou mother-in-law can recognize Xie Bangxia, said she was fat. The two children was four or five years old, her mother was abducted, such a tragedy happened in 24 years ago. 24 years later, on October 5, 2016, at about 11 in the evening, the son of a thousand miles to find the mother, from Sichuan to Guangdong, Jieyang, and finally to find her mother back to the mother and child had to live together. Neighbors mother-in-law Zhou saw their mother and child reunion, could not help but sigh: "they have put the mother back pension, rare." Abducted mother abducted two children left home, "Mom, I see you! Mom, I was late, you can not see me!" in October 6th 6 in the evening, in a barren slope of two Township, Gulin County of Luzhou city to Hongxing Village, Xie Bangxia cries piercing the grave before the mound a, she can’t is the mother of filial piety. Because Xie Bangxia abducted has been away from home for 24 years, two year National Day to get her son back home. Was abducted, the two sons of Xie Bangxia was five or six years old, now go home, her son had grown up, Wang Chuanyuan has been 28 years old, Wang Chuanjiong is 30 years old. 7 1992 the 2th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar morning, just after dawn. Someone knocked on the door of Xie Bangxia’s home, said that her mother was seriously ill and soon died, so she hurried back home to. For a time, one family bewildered by this message. That Wang Chuanyuan was only 4 years old, still a few days of the full 5 years old, looked at the mother Tong uncle will follow a kick out, cry, want to go along with. "At that time, fortunately, my grandmother took out a bag of sugar to coax me, otherwise, I also followed the mother was abducted, now do not know where." Wang Chuanyuan said, mother back home after a week did not go home after the news, the family asked, "there is no such thing as dying grandmother, saw that it was abducted." Talking about childhood experience, Wang Chuanyuan said, now can not remember, these are grown up, relatives told him. The more than and 80 year old Wang Xubin Xie Bangxia, about the daughter-in-law abducted a thing, still emotional. He said that Xie Bangxia was abducted when his son is in jail because of a mistake, during the "less than half three years of labor time, daughter-in-law was abducted, leaving two five or six year old children." Dad Dutch act two brothers changes poison an orphan, "Mom was abducted when dad was in prison, he was released from prison after coming out, have everywhere to find, looking for a few years still to no avail." Wang Chuanyuan said that his father had gone through life相关的主题文章:

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