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From Liu Huifang to Mi month Vietnamese love Beijing – not enough huangshexiaoshuo

From "Liu Huifang" to "love mi months Vietnamese enough – Beijing, xinhuanet.com Hanoi November 1st new media news (reporter Le Yanna) from more than 20 years ago," Liu Huifang "to today’s" Mi month ", then to Vietnam in the latest" more embarrassed ", Vietnamese passion for film and television drama has always been China no change. The 1993 broadcast in Vietnam national television "desire" has triggered a booming situation in Vietnam, the character Liu Huifang as many Vietnamese "dream lover". Last year, "Mi month biography" in Vietnam on video website almost broadcast simultaneously with Chinese, as of now on demand in the zingtv.vn has more than 7 million people. In the fashion website such as Kenh14.vn, Vietnamese fans will also be translated into Chinese news about the play, as a special issue. From the "Mi months pass" controversial "to the contrary to the historical" small Mi month "hot screen, no one is missing. With the "desire" shot in only one or two people or the narrator dubbing translation is different, now a professional dubbing, dubbing group dubbed in the process more professional. Dubbedfilm earlier only one or two people from A to Z dubbing, should be regarded as the narrator translation strictly, rather than with a real emotional voice. "Journey to the west", "Three Kingdoms" "The legend of Condor Hero" Princess "and other classic costume drama in the form of translation in Vietnam broadcast narrator. Last year, Vietnam National Youth television channel (VTV6) broadcast by Guangxi television dubbed "Beijing youth". The drama invited more than 50 Vietnamese people to participate in the translation and dubbing, including Vietnamese film and television stars, presenters, students in China, etc.. Among them, the male and female voice respectively by the deputy head of Vietnam drama Li Hongguang and Vietnam famous actor Nguyen Qing Xuan, is the original interpretation of the Vietnamese grief at separation and joy in union of youth in Beijing. In early November 2014, the Vietnamese version of the "old home happy past" in Vietnam national digital television broadcast officially. This is the first Chinese in Vietnamese as target language dubbing domestic drama, is also the first attempt by the Chinese China leading translation and made by Vietnamese experts, actors and ordinary people to participate in a wide range of Vietnamese dubbed drama. The translation work cycle for 5 months, dubbed recording all completed in Nanning. The similar cultural traditions of the two countries make the literary classics, martial arts and costume drama can be accepted by the Vietnamese people. In the past 30 years, the two countries have entered the middle income countries from low income countries, and they are building a socialist market economy. China drama reflect these themes, such as "Beijing youth" "Ode to joy", easy to let the young Vietnamese empathy. In the movie, the introduction of large Vietnam without limitation system strictly, often according to the purchasing power of cinema movie decided. Chinese medium cost films because of price concessions, often favored by the Vietnamese cinema. Chinese martial arts films can be basically introduced. There will be one or two Chinese films released every month, if it is a domestic film.相关的主题文章:

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