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Fraud on the ticket with a two-dimensional code do not sweep Shaanxi has not been reported – ssport

On the ticket with two-dimensional code fraud! Do not sweep   Shaanxi no relevant report – Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: fraud! On the ticket with two-dimensional code do not sweep Shaanxi no relevant report before the network broke the Guangdong Huizhou with a two-dimensional code scan code and traffic tickets, can enter the payment page. Subsequently, the local police confirmed that this is a new telecommunications network fraud. Online photo display, fake tickets and regular ticket ticket is the biggest difference, and finally there is a two-dimensional code, written below "sweep to pay the fine". The evening of October 2nd, Huizhou police arrested two suspects on the spot and seized a fake traffic police official seal, illegal processing notices and electronic equipment for fraud. Shaanxi has not yet received the relevant report. Recently, Shaanxi Traffic Police Corps responsible person to remind users to guard against such false tickets. Shaanxi traffic violation processing no two-dimensional code this way, "illegal parking informed", will record the following contents: the issuing authority, illegal license plate number, type and type of vehicle; illegal time, illegal road, illegal behavior, fines and the contents of the location; punishment address, duty units and sealed units. Traffic police reminded the public to deal with illegal vehicles can be carried out through the official website of the traffic police, traffic police brigade window and a number of verified self-service equipment. China Daily (reporter Yang Dehe Gu Yan, commissioning editor Wang Li)相关的主题文章:

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